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Posted on 09/04/2013 Tips & Recommendations

John Digweed in Buenos Aires September 2013

House, electro and techno music is big in Buenos Aires. It is these particular genres that dominate the underground scene in the city and provide… a welcome alternative to the popular sounds of Reggaeton and Cumbia for many people. Like alternative music around the world, attending one of these nights is more than going for a dance. They are havens for the ‘trendy’ people of the town, and a breeding ground for fashion statements. And if you are a house-music-lover, Buenos Aires has a healthy host of nights and clubs for you to choose where you want to be engulfed in bass, beats and synths. Such clubs include Pacha, Crobar, Kika, Bahrein etc. These places regularly drag in both up-and-coming as well as established DJ’s to set their clubs alight. And this September the 21st, Buenos Aires welcomes one of the biggest names in the scene, John Digweed.

Electronica in Buenos Aires

Electronica in Buenos Aires

John Digweed is one of the planet’s most well-known DJ’s. Renowned for his contribution to pioneering the progressive-house scene, John Digweed regularly travels the world stage to bring his whirling, visual sounds to the floors of every major club in the house-music network. Originally from Hastings in England he often goes by the alias Bedrock. This is also the name of his record label and Production Company with his production partner Nick Muir.

Many will know some of his Top 40 smashes such as ‘Heaven Scent’ and ‘For What You Dream Of’. In 2001 he was rated number one DJ in the world by DJmag readers and since then has only continued and improved his salacious, sequential house sounds. It is no surprise therefore that he has toured with other musical icons such as David Bowie and Moby and transformed Brighton Beach into the UK’s largest beach party with Fatboy Slim (250,000 people). This September he arrives in Buenos Aires to grace us with his presence at Club Mandarine.
Club Mandarine is sandwiched on the corner of Avenida Costanera Norte and Avenida Sarmiento. The club serves as a melting pot for electronic and techno music in Buenos Aires. Portenos by their hundreds flood to the club each weekend to get lost in the wave of thumping beats and floating synths that thunder around the walls of this riverside spot. Its influences stem from the dancefloors of Berlin and Paris and inside it flaunts some very impressive video projections. The club is run by the same guys who organize what is often described as the foremost place to be on a Friday night, Crobar. With two large spaces, the venue has plenty of room to move your feet and, if perhaps you have partied too hard, the club gives you plenty of opportunity to cool down as one of the stages is outside. Regularly pulling in big, international names, these guys know how to throw a party and John Digweed will fit in perfectly on the Club Mandarine stage.
Expect a bulging Club Mandarine swarming with ravers, some incredible visual projections, a whole lot of house music, and a really good night out. Electronica in Buenos Aires never disappoints.

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