Is travel to Argentina safe?

Argentina Travel Posted on 03/03/2022

Ready to fulfill your wanderlust? Borders are open and Argentina is waiting for you. Explorers from all over the world are welcome to embark on this one-of-a-kind adventure. Nonetheless, we know traveling to a new country can be challenging. So, if you are wondering “Is travel to Argentina safe?” then, don’t miss this article!

Located in South America, Argentina has plenty of attractive places to visit such as glaciers, waterfalls, pristine lakes, and high-peaks mountains. What’s more, a lot of sites have been declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, such as Iguazú National Park, Los Glaciares National Park, Península Valdés, and Humahuaca Gorge. 

But are these places safe for traveling? Read this article and find all the answers you need before your adventure to the 3rd most southern country in the world.

1. Are destinations in Argentina safe?

Stunning and breathtaking attractions await in Argentina, no doubt. 

Tourist destinations such as Buenos Aires, Iguazú, Patagonia, Mendoza, or Northern Argentina are used to receiving tourists from all over the world so safety measures are above average to make the most out of your visit. 

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, has history and culture around every corner, like every big city in the world, you should take some precautions to have a pleasant stay. For example, try to keep your personal belongings with you at all times, where you can see them. At night, avoid walking alone and try to stroll along avenues or crowded streets. Anyway, nothing should happen if you pay attention to this information.

Iguazú Falls

Iguazú Falls meets the necessary security measures for you and your family to enjoy and explore Argentina’s natural wonders. Have close encounters with native wildlife or choose between the many activities Iguazu offers within a safe and controlled environment such as walkways and boat trips near the falls, trekking, 4×4 jeep ride, and so much more!


Patagonia is a beautiful place to stay because it is extremely safe. This destination is a paradise not only for experienced hikers but also for beginners! 

Some of the top destinations to adventure yourself in Patagonia are El Chaltén and El Calafate. There you will find that there are a great variety of trails of different lengths and levels of difficulty, so you are free to choose the one you feel more comfortable with! 

Most of the hiking trails are demarcated, so you can do them by yourself but for your peace of mind, you can also hire a local guide and feel more secure. Also, it is strongly recommended to do this kind of activity with another person and it’s really important to use the right equipment to stay safe. 

Besides, you can go hiking on Perito Moreno Glacier! Due to safety measures, you can do this activity if you are between 8 and 65 years old, and it is not recommendable for obese passengers, pregnant women, and people with heart, respiratory or mental diseases. This hike will be guided by a specialist who will provide you with crampons, the spiked shoes that will let you walk on the ice safer! And if you don´t want to go hiking, you can use the walkways and balconies to appreciate the glacier. They provide accessibility for wheelchairs, to make all visitors feel safe and enjoy the experience.

If you are still uncertain if Patagonia is a safe destination, read this article

Northern Argentina

Northern Argentina is an excellent place to do a self-drive trip where you can get to know Salta, Jujuy, and Tucumán.  Some of the must-see attractions are the Multicolored Mountains and the Great Salt Flats. In Salta, you can drive to  Calchaquies Valley towns, and stop to drink some top-ranked wine in Cafayate. 

The north is a quiet destination with uncrowded routes. Don´t forget to bring your map and keep an eye out for gas stations. Local people are used to dealing with foreign explorers, thus they will always be there to help you, don´t worry because you will find a lot of hospitality in Northern Argentina. 

El Calafate - Perito Moreno Glacier

2. Self-drive tours

Argentinian roads await! Self-driving tours are a  great opportunity to get to know off-the-beaten-path places and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Due to Argentina’s vast extension, you may find yourself driving through long-deserted routes that are great for getting dazzling views but can also mean a lack of gas stations and internet connection. But don’t panic, here is some great piece of advice: 

  • Always go with a full tank and even a backup in the trunk.
  • Although you can buy a rechargeable SIM card for your phone, try to download the maps on your phone as you won’t have good reception at all times on the open road. 
  • Take a phone charger or a portable battery with you.

Check out our favorite self-drive tours and let’s hit the road, explorer!

3. Is it safe to go solo-traveling?

Definitely yes! Step outside of your comfort zone and open the door to one of life’s most enriching experiences: traveling alone! Breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable adventures are waiting in the “Land of Silver”. The hospitality and kindness of locals make it easier to lose the fear of exploring on your own. You’ll probably never be truly alone! In Argentina, you won’t find it difficult to meet new people, make friends or find someone to grab a bite to eat with, join on an excursion, or just have a chat.

So, whether alone or joined, don’t deprive yourself of the incredible experience of getting to explore Argentina.

If you are still in doubt, read Cynthia’s Say Hueque travel advisor testimony about how to travel alone as a woman in Patagonia.  

4. Is Argentina safe to travel with kids?

We know that traveling with young children can be stressful, but Argentina is a fabulous place to travel with the family, who will for sure have lots of fun and create lasting memories.

Near Buenos Aires, you can stay in big Ranches (or “estancias”, as we call it in Argentina), where kids will have the chance to get to close encounters with native wildlife in a safe and controlled environment. They can enjoy a wide variety of activities such as horseback riding, biking, milking cows, feeding farm animals, or learning all about the Gauchos culture, the native countryside workers in Argentina’s vast land.

Iguazú National Park is also a great destination to travel with toddlers because there are common areas and walkways adapted for strollers, kid-friendly accommodations, and lots of activities.

Patagonia is also a family-friendly place, with a big amount of activities such as horse riding, navigations,  and of course easy but amazing hiking trails which are safe experiences for all the family.

At Say Hueque we offer quality family time while exploring new destinations and cultures, spending time outdoors, educating and opening the world to children through real-life in-person experiences, perhaps with grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles as well. 

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Mendoza - Family trip

5. Coronavirus: Is it safe to travel?

[Last updated: 22/02/2022] 

In Argentina, 77,63% of the population is fully vaccinated, and 87,24% have at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Also, the Government has already started with the application of the booster, and at this time 32% of the population have it.

Thus, which are the Covid-19 protocols in Argentina?

From October 1 the use of a face mask is not mandatory outdoors, social gatherings are allowed and restaurants, bars, shops, and even nightclubs are open with full capacity. Yet, the face mask might be required only in closed spaces or crowded places. Take into account that sometimes some museums, for example, require you to buy your ticket online or to book in advance.

Read further information and requirements to enter Argentina here

Summing up, is it safe to travel to Argentina?

The answer is YES! It is safe to visit Argentina. Follow this list of recommendations and suggestions and there is no doubt you will have an incredible experience traveling through this beautiful and welcoming country.

If you haven’t decided yet where to begin your adventure, you can take a look at our featured tours in Argentina here. Let’s begin this adventure of a lifetime!

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