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International Festival of Buenos Aires

Born in 1997 the Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (FIBA) is an exhibition of the best works and productions in the contemporary art scene. 


International Festival in Buenos Aires

This year the action runs from the 4th – 20th October. National and international artistic expression are brought together to create a festival that is quickly becoming one of the most important in all of Latin America.

Every two years FIBA encourages the people of Buenos Aires to indulge in the diversity of art expressed in the aesthetic discoveries and experiments in theatre, dance, visual art and sound. The greatest innovators of these artistic mediums around the world flock to Buenos Aires giving local artists the chance to see and learn from their work and the public to have the pleasure of feasting on a hillside of shows and performances.

International Festival dancers in action

International Festival dancers in Buenos Aires

The FIBA platform exists not only for international artists but for national talent as well. Selections of Argentine pieces are presented to help project national art on the global scene. This festival provides opportunities for all kinds of positions in the artistic sphere. Whether you’re a choreographer, director, dancer or just an investigator, your influence will be showcased.

So how does FIBA work?

There will be 35 stage productions, 16 of which have already been staged. 19 works have been brought by other institutions under the authority of the city government or have been invited to participate by the FIBA artistic director, Darío Lopérfido.

Artistic Director Darío Lopérfido

Artistic Director Darío Lopérfido

According to Lopérfido, it has been hard work assembling this year´s schedule due to nearly 400 proposals for programming agreements from all over the world. He has decided to present all local shows in the second week of the festival, naming this second week “la Semana de los Programadores” or “the Week of the Programmers”. More than 50 television stations around the world will be able to broadcast these shows to the local public. Tickets here in Buenos Aires can be bought at reasonable prices. “FIBA will more than ever be the great exporter of successful Buenos Aires theatre” the Artistic Director has said this year.

Hernan Lombardi, the Minister of Culture for the City of Buenos Aires, has underlined that this year FIBA will be bigger and better. He has said that due to the development of Argentine programming being complemented by the international programming announcement and the new format of this year’s festival, “there will be a huge leap in the quantity and quality of FIBA 2013.”

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