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Posted on 04/22/2018 Tips & Recommendations

Incredible Hikes in El Chalten

For visitors interested in hiking while in Patagonia, the premiere destination for doing so is  El Chalten. Located within the Los Glaciares National Park at the base of some of the area’s tallest mountains, Chalten is rightfully referred to as the  hiking capital of Argentina.

Largely isolated from the rest of the country, visitors who wish to make a stop in Chalten must  travel through Calafate because there is no airport in Chalten, unlike Calafate. Chalten is a short three to four hour bus ride from Calafate. Many visitors travel to both Chalten and Calafate in the same trip, which has lead to the road in between as famous for Patagonian explorers and adventurers.

Upon arriving in Chalten, you will have a large selection of activities to choose from, each of which will allow you to explore the beautiful landscapes of the popular Patagonian destination. Whether you are interested in a high endurance, multiple day hike, or a low difficulty, leisurely day hike, your preferences will be accommodated by Chalten’s  endless hiking trails and other outdoor adventures. Below are just a few examples of  things to do while you are in Chalten.

Two of our favorite must see spots in El Chalten are Torre Lagoon and Huemul Glaciar and offer up rewarding hikes.

Torre Lagoon (Laguna Torre)

Popular for its secluded location, Torre Lake is hidden within the mountains of Chalten. Accessible only by foot, you can journey along trails for 3 hours to reach the lake, where incredible views of the surrounding mountains and nearby Glaciar del Torre await them.

As one of the most popular hikes in Chalten, this attraction promises to be a great experience. The views never fail to disappoint, nor is the trek too challenging with the whole hike being an easy full day where you can take your time exploring the wonders of the trail and enjoy the look out point with a homemade picnic.

Glaciar Huemul

Going to Patagonia, you will see many different glaciers, but one of our favorite glaciers is Huemul Glacier.

This Glaciar rivals so many of the other beautiful sites in Chalten, but we think it’s extra incredible. Located on Huemul Lake, which is famous for its stunning turquoise tint, the Huemul Glacier can be reached by way of a leisurely hike around the lake. Recommended for a unique experience in Chalten, a hike to Huemul Glacier is a great idea for a day trip while in Chalten.

No matter what you decide to do in El Chalten, you are sure to be rewarded. This destination is considered one of the most beautiful places in Argentina and is many people’s favorite part of Patagonia. There is often a friendly debate among travelers whether Torres del Paine or El Chalten are more beautiful.

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