Iguazu Falls: Guided Moonlight Tour

Argentina Travel Posted on 08/14/2013

There is certainly something enchanting about the light of the moon—by casting the world with its silvery luminosity, things lose their sense of ordinariness. This is especially true of things already spectacular in the light of day, like the Falls at Iguazu. Fortunately, one can see this natural wonder of the world by the light of the moon, every time it is full, on a guided Moonlight tour in Iguazu.

Updated to April 2024

1. Moonlight Experience

Normally the National Park at Iguazu Falls closes at 6 pm, well before the coming of night. For the Moonlight Tour the park reopens at 9:00 when the tour begins. Clearly walking around a jungle with tons of water falling in the dark is less than advisable, but this situation changes when the moon is at its full. Seeing clearly, the Falls take on new life: the water changes color and becomes wraith-like, the quiet of the jungle only pierced by the occasional nocturnal sound of an animal and the absence of crowds makes for a completely different experience of touring Iguazu Falls.

The Moonlight tour itself disembarks using the Ecological Jungle Train, arriving eventually at its terminus near the Devil’s Throat. Once there, visitors are set free to walk along this part of the circuit to take in the spectacle, so it is not difficult to get some time alone with the Falls. It is highly recommended to walk away from the group somewhat quickly: the Moonlight effect is magnified in this way, much more than when following everyone else immediately into the picture taking spots at the Devil’s Throat.

2. Advices & Considerations

That said, experimenting with the camera and the unique setting is certainly a necessary part of the excursion, in order to capture it especially. The magic of experiencing a nighttime tour in Iguazu Falls might even make it worth investing in a better camera! As time creeps on, the moon and the Falls change, so no one picture is bound to be the same.

Much is said in regard to the weather conditions for this tour. If the night is cloudy, the moonlight effect is pretty well lost. However, in merely partly cloudy conditions the interplay of light and dark makes the experience even better than the pristine nights. One cannot be assured of the weather in this region even on an hourly basis, so if the only options are to risk going or not, it is better to go.

Moonlight tours in Iguazu Falls include the options of a buffet dinner at the park’s Selva restaurant. This is understandably not the highlight of the experience, so, in order to maximize time with the Falls, time is somewhat limited to eat. One may opt not to eat in the park, and the tour ends with a complimentary cocktail. Tours are about four days a month, in the days surrounding the full moon. For the exact dates, check well in advance with your travel agent; don’t merely rely on a calendar! To get a general idea, use a moonlight calculator!

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