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Posted on 02/03/2011 Inspirational Trips & News

Iguazu Moonlight Tour

The following post was written as a trip review of Iguazu Falls by a Say Hueque passenger

Iguazu Falls National Park was incredible. We took the eco-train through the jungle and then started to explore the park’s winding trails and tropical waterfalls. We walked along the upper circuit and lower circuit (trails through the jungle) and saw colorful birds and some «cuatis». The «cuatis» look like a mix between a racoon and a squirrel, and seemed perfectly content to wander around the jungle floor and scavenge for fruit and insects to snack on. After that, the highlight of the day, and of Argentina’s side of Iguazu, was the «Garganta del Diablo»- where the trail brings you right up to the stunning waterfalls. We could actually feel the mist on our faces and hear the powerful falls tumbling into the river below. It was incredible, and much more natural & exciting than Niagara could ever dream of being.

The Brazilian side of the falls was impressive too, though it was much more of a panoramic experience. That is, the views were stunning, but you couldn’t get up as close to the falls as you could on the Argentine side. That said, the boat cruise to the falls made up for this, as we got completely drenched cruising up the river and near the waterfalls.

The best part of the entire visit to Iguazu was our moonlight walk through the park. We left our hotel around 7:30pm, took the eco train and then walked around the Garganta del Diablo- under the moonlit skies…with the only sounds being the waterfalls crashing into the river and the jungle wildlife coming to life on the periphery, as we drank a tropical fruit drink beside the falls. A big THANK YOU goes to the Say Hueque Tours in Argentina sales team because the moonlight walk is only offered a few days per month and they suggested that we do it. Otherwise, we would never have known about it.

Finally, we stayed on Iguazu’s Argentine side in a plush hotel called La Cantera de Selva. Our room was set in the jungle and our balcony had a hammock that was perfect for bird watching and reading (accompanied by a cold pina colada). There was also a swimming pool and spa / massage area too.

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