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Posted on 08/14/2013 Inspirational Trips & News

Iguazu Jungle: The Macuco Trail

A tour in the Iguazu Jungle doesn’t have to be only about the great waterfalls that make it a wonder of nature, and in fact neglecting the opportunity to explore the unique jungle habitat would be a mistake. There are two principle trails within the park that are focused in these areas, and fortunately for those with only one day here, one of them leads directly to the waterfalls. For those with a little extra time, there is another trail that leads to a smaller waterfall and is usually ignored by tourists.

The trail leading to the Iguazu Falls themselves, and the Cataratas station where the Ecological Jungle Train stops, is the Sendero Verde or the Green Trail. This meandering pathway enters the forest just outside of the commercialized welcome center, and lasts for about 600 meters until reaching the beginnings of both the upper and lower circuits. It is an easy walk that everyone planning on seeing the waterfalls should be able to do. It is a very good idea to do so—disappearing into the thick Misionera vegetation, amidst the sounds and smells, serves as an excellent overture to seeing the Iguazu Falls themselves. One can get a better sense of what it felt like to be the first explorer to catch sight of them. What is more, there is a real chance of seeing some of the habitat’s exotic wildlife, including the toucan. Walk the trail towards the Falls, for one can always ride the train back to finish the tour of the Iguazu Jungle.

The Macuco trail is a little more involved, but offers greater rewards for those willing to invest the two or so hours required from their tour in Iguazu Falls to walk it. Extending about 3.6 kilometers into the forest and finishing at a waterfall of its own, this trail is bypassed by many of the park’s visitors. It leaves from the Central Station, and is mostly easy—except for stairs at the end. Given its distance from the often populous waterfall area, it offers a much higher chance of seeing some of the wildlife of the Iguazu Jungle, including but not limited to toucans, Macucos (which give the trail its name), magpies, parrots, tapirs, anteaters, monkeys, and even ocelots. This is without mentioning the stunning vegetation (think giant trees with climbing vines, orchids and ferns) and butterflies. The Arrechea waterfall itself is stunning, dwarfed and made seemingly obsolete only by its proximity to the Iguazu Falls. One could easily spend some time here enjoying the sound and surroundings, feeling far away from the rest of the world. It is advisable to do this walk once one has grown somewhat acquainted with the falls and in the evening or in the morning, when the wildlife is at its liveliest.

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