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Posted on 11/01/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

Hike Through the Iguazu Jungle: The Green Trail

If you have already had the chance to visit the famous Iguazu Falls, you know how many different hiking trails are found within Argentina’s immense national park. Visitors are provided numerous opportunities to experience the beautiful surroundings of the falls, making it easy to stay busy on your trip to Iguazu Falls. A popular way to work your way through the Iguazu Jungle is by guidance of the Green Trail.

The Green Trail takes you on a winding route through the jungle until you reach the peak of the waterfalls that line the Argentine side up to the Garganta del Diablo that is hidden around the bend. The trail is one of majesty with plenty of things to see on the way and entailing a spectacular climax once you arrive at the end.

It begins at the ‘Centro de Visitantes’, arrowing towards the waterfall and crossing the Jungle Train track before continuing deep into the jungle. Monkeys and coaties guide the way, popping out of the leafy canopies to scurry along next to you in the hope of some food (don’t give them any, they bite!). As the Green Trail moves deeper into the dense undergrowth, the first signs of Iguazu appear with meandering rivers and streams of various sizes that flow beneath the small bridges below you, the light shimmering through the shrubbery glinting on the brown water.

Gradually the Iguazu Jungle gets less eclectic and opens up to small waterfalls and the first glimpses of the frothing basin flicker into view. The Green Trail is teasing you, by this time you are sure to be wriggling with anticipation. Iguazu becomes more and more visible as the roar that greets you increases. Suddenly the trail reaches the edge of the waterfall, the trees fully disperse, and you are gazing at a thundering, bubbling sequence of stunning white waterfalls. Prepare to be mesmerized.

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