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Posted on 10/29/2012 Inspirational Trips & News

Iguazu Falls Activities

There are many exciting Iguazu Falls activities to do inside the Iguazu National Park! Here is a list of the main activities

Great Adventure Boat Trip

This boat trip is one of the most famous Iguazu Falls activities. It will guide you through an 8 km circuit inside the park on a 4×4, followed by a 6 km boat trip through the narrow Iguazu River. The ride includes 2 km of rapids and close-up encounters with the amazing falls, and ends in front of San Martin Island. The boat leaves once an hour from the information centre close to the park entrance. This ride leaves you soaking wet!

Nautic Adventure

On this boat ride, you’ll get super wet! The ride includes close-up encounters with the falls, which means you should bring your bathing suit and an extra set of clothes. The boat leaves every twenty minutes from the lower circuit.

Ecological Train Ride

This train ride is a 30 minutes during smooth and quiet ride through the jungle on the upper Iguazu River. This ride gives you the opportunity to see some of the park’s unique wildlife, with caimans, birds and turtles. The train leaves every 15 minutes from Estacion Garganta del Diablo.

Isla San Martín

Located in the heart of the waterfalls, this enormous rock formation is a great place for visitors to sunbathe on a small beach. There is also a 2 hour walk that allows a very different view of the waterfalls. Boats to Isla San Martin leave from the bottom of the Lower circuit.

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