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Posted on 04/04/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Iguazu Bike Tours: A Unique Way to See Iguazu Falls

As one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls is a great place to visit for any type of traveler. With a large number of easily accessible walkways and viewpoints on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides of the falls, a few days in the jungle promises to be an incredible experience. However, for those travelers interested in seeing Iguazu Falls in a unique and exciting way, opting for an Iguazu bike tour is a great choice.

So what makes an Iguazu bike tour so special? Well for starters, going by bike through the area is a much less crowded alternative than walking the trails and walkways that the majority of visitors utilize. A bike tour gives visitors a great view of the national park and its surroundings, while affording them an intimate experience with a naturalist guide. This guide specializes in teaching participants about the natural aspects of the Iguazu jungle, offering information and anecdotes that other visitors to Iguazu don’t have the chance to hear.

For those interested in an Iguazu bike tour, here are Say Hueque’s 3 favorites for you to check out.

Yaguarundí Road

On this 2 hour Iguazu bike tour participants follow their bilingual naturalist guide through the Iryapú national forest reserve, observing the unique environment around them and getting to know the area of the indigenous Guarani people. In addition, this tour will give participants many chances to observe and learn about birds, insects and mammals that inhabit the jungle around Iguazu Falls. This tour has a difficulty level of medium and departs at either 6:00am or 6:30pm in the summer or 7:00am or 5:00pm in the winter.

Iguazú Challenge

This tour lives up to its name as a challenge and is a real adventure for bike lovers. Starting from Puerto Iguazú, this 4 hour Iguazu bike tour crosses one of the most bio-diverse and challenging environments in Argentina, the highly endangered Paranaense Rainforest. The route takes participants along more than 40 km of red soil with spectacular downhills and gives them views of the surrounding flora and fauna, including the native jaguars and toucans. This tour has a difficulty level of medium, including some steep slopes, and is suggested to begin as early as possible in the day.

Full Moon Bike Ride

This tour is unique from all others as it is offered at nighttime, giving participants the opportunity to see the jungle of Iguazu Falls from a different perspective, under the light of the moon. Biking for 1:30 hours, the group will be accompanied by a naturalist guide who will help them appreciate the falls at night and will point out different types of nocturnal birds and animals native to the area. This tour has a difficulty level of medium and departs at 8:00pm.

To find out more about Iguazu bike tours in Iguazu Falls National Park or to start planning your trip to Iguazu or other destinations in Argentina, contact Say Hueque today!

Written by Will Collier

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