How to go from Río to Buzios in Brazil?

South America Travel Posted on 01/25/2023

From the bustling, colorful, and dancing streets of Rio to Buzios’s picturesque, cobbled streets. Welcome to one of the most paradisiac beaches on Brazilian territory! Rio and Buzios are not only home to white sand and warm waters beaches but also a vibrant culture, effervescent flavors, and a magical atmosphere. Let’s discover how you can get from Rio to Buzios and get the best out of your trip!

1. All about Río & Buzios

Rio offers from local street foods and hostels to the most fabulous 5 stars hotels and the most luxurious buildings you can imagine. But nature is not left aside: a lush, green, and powerful rainforest surrounds the city. The famous “morros” are the typical scenery of every Rio de Janeiro postcard with the Cristo Redentor on the top of National Park Da Tijuca.


Is Río far from Buzios?

No. Buzios is located a 2-hours drive away, so Río can be combined with the dazzling beaches of Buzios.

Buzios, on the other hand, hosts and preserves the magic of “coast villages”. Cobbled streets, small restaurants family-owned with homemade food, and exquisite “caipiroskas” drink offer visitors a tranquil experience to relax at its paradisiac beaches. But with the passing of the year, pubs, shop stores, and boutique restaurants arrived in the city as well. So, we can conclude it combines the best of both worlds.


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2. Travel from Río to Buzios

The distance between these two Brazilian cities is 172 kilometers (106 miles). The road trip from Rio to Buzios can last between 2 to 4 hours depending on your transportation choice. Let’s see 4 ways you can reach the pristine beaches of Buzios.

By car

The fastest and most comfortable way to arrive at Buzios is by car. It is a 2-hour drive approximately. The best part of traveling by car is that you can stop whenever you like, and you will have your transportation once you arrive at Buzios.

  • Duration: 2-hour drive.

By bus

You can also buy a bus ticket that will take you to Buzios City Centre on a 4-hour bus ride. Buses depart every day from the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro or Novo Rio Bus Station.

It is the most budget-friendly choice, yet you need to stay updated on the bus departing hours in order not to lose it.

  • Duration: 4-hour ride.

By shuttle or transfer

Departing from the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro, you can book in advance at your hotel or inn, a private shuttle, transfer, or minibus to take you to Buzios. Fares vary according to which type of transportation you choose.

It is a comfortable option where you can sleep or relax during the ride, although it might turn out to be a little bit more expensive than taking the public bus.

  • Duration: 3-hour ride.

By plane

You can also arrive at Cabo Frio Airport on an Azul airline flight. You can fly from Buenos Aires to Buzios, with several stopovers making it the less practical option sometimes.

Cabo Frio Airport is located 30 kilometers away from Buzios, so take into consideration you will also have to call for a cab or book a transfer to arrive at your final destination.

  • Duration: 11 hours minimum 

By water

Indeed the most sophisticated way to go from Rio to Buzios is by the crystalline waters of the Brazilian sea. Rent a sailboat or motorboat to take you to one of the few harbors open to anchor your boat. 

Once in Buzios, you can also move from beach to beach on water taxis. Fares are not too expensive and it is worth the ride. Look for this fun and unique transportation to discover this city in Praia dos Ossos, Azeda, Joao Fernandes, Tartaruga beaches, or the Downtown beaches.

  • Duration: 3 hours 

Rio de Janeiro beach

Now, you are ready to embark on an incredible journey from Rio to Buzios, to pristine, natural beaches. Discover our favorite trips to Río from Buenos Aires and Iguazú. 

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