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How to Get to Torres del Paine

When planning a trip to Torres Del Paine, Patagonia you will be undoubtedly in much anticipation for your visit to the 5th most beautiful place in the world (as voted by the National Geographic). Needless to say the views are staggering and the hikes are extremely commendable, both for their beauty and challenge. Torres del Paine National Park, in Chilean South Patagonia, encompasses a wild make-up of mountains, glaciers, lakes and rivers.

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A cloud-covered pair of ‘blue towers’

The name “Torres Del Paine” originates from the Tehuelche translation for ‘Blue Towers’ due to this predominant colour that manifests itself on this icy National Park. Come in the summer months for the longest periods of daylight and indulge in full days of embracing this dry and dramatic landscape.

So, how to get to Torres del Paine?


From Buenos Aires it is about a 36-hour coach journey south to the tip of the nation. You must take a bus to El Calafate and from there connect to Torres Del Paine. Once you reach El Calafate take one of the 2 Regular line buses on the 4-5 hour journey to Puerto Natales and from here it is a shorter bus journey to Torres Del Paine. Argentina is blessed with a very comfortable and efficient bus service and we would highly recommend selecting the Super-Cama (literal translation: the super bed) option which comes with a fully extendable chair that becomes horizontal whenever you please. Believe us, the further you glide down towards Patagonia and the frostier the weather gets outside, the more you will appreciate the luxury of Argentine bus travel. Observe Argentina’s stunning countryside, clutching a glass of fine wine and float your way to Patagonia.

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The Andesmar bus on route


Alternatively, cut some time for a bit more money and take a plane down south. There are about 16 flights each day from the capital to El Calafate (FTE). About 3 hours after departure you reach El Calafate, most people connect to Torres Del Paine with a private tour – we, at Say Hueque, offer some of the best tours available. Make sure you spend a couple of days in El Calafate to see the magnificent Perrito Moreno Glacier.

You can also fly to Puerto Natales (PNT) from Santiago de Chile. There are three airlines that fly there: JetSmart, LATAM and Sky Airline.  This town is lodged in the Chilean side of Patagonia and is just 3-4 hour bus journey to Torres Del Paine. Prices of flights differ for Argentines and foreigners but are usually double the price of a bus if not more.

El Calafate Airport El Calafate Airport (FTE)

Now that you know how to get to Torres del Paine, when does your trip start? and will you go by bus or plane?
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