5 Top Destinations for Honeymoon in Perú

South America Travel Posted on 02/12/2018

If you are considering Peru as your honeymoon destination, you’ll be delighted to learn more about all that this country has to offer. Peru is one of the most versatile countries in the world that makes sure that every honeymooning couple experiences exactly what they want.

Wildlife, history, architecture, nature, adventures and beaches, this country has it all.

Here are the top famous destinations for your honeymoon in Peru:

1. Machu Picchu 

Machu Picchu is always going to be on the list of places to visit in Peru, so we might as well cover this extraordinary example of ancient human civilization first. Machu Picchu contains a collection of archeological sites left behind by an ancient civilization and can also double as a wonderful honeymoon destination.

The complex palaces, intricately designed temples, and bizarrely perfect homes built out of stones hints at a powerful history of the Inca Civilization. You and your significant other will have a wonderful time in this enchanting place full of mystery and enigma.

Machu Picchu - Peru

2. Cusco

Cusco is an ancient city  where you and your better half should head next to spend a laidback night or two during your honeymoon in Peru.  Couples can roam the city streets marveling at the ancient architectural treasures and landscape left by the ancient civilizations. Some of the towns in Cusco are the highest in the world, making the city all the more interesting. And then there’s the Sacred Valley which will allow you to forget about everything back home and make you want to soak the history that resonates from its structures.

Peru - Cusco

3. Paracas

The traditional honeymoon seems most authentic when you’re at the seaside, looking out at the ocean. Lucky for you, Peru is home to Paracas. Paracas is a charming little town on the Pacific coast where you two can book a room with an ocean-view and enjoy some authentic Peruvian seafood all day long.

That’s not all; through this shoreline town you will also be able to access Islas Ballestas, a collection of islands off the coast. These islands are famous for their enormous bird population and fascinating wildlife.  From luxury resorts to enchanting spas, this town is exactly what you need to make your honeymoon all the more magical.

4. Amazon Jungle

How many people can actually say that they spent their honeymoon in a private villa in the middle of the Amazon jungle? Not many. And that will make this honeymoon experience even more thrilling. The Amazon is one the main geographical attractions of Peru and you can enjoy it up and close by renting a private villa. What can be more romantic than being surrounded by the sound of the flowing river, chirping birds, magnificent wildlife and in a place that gets alive at night?  Not much exactly.

If you are a couple that loves wildlife and nature in its rawest form, then there’s a private villa in Amazon calling your name.

5. Lima

Who are we to deny a newly married couple some gastronomical pleasures? Quite the contrary, we are all for it. This is the reason why we suggest you add Lima to your honeymoon in Peru and enjoy all the food this city has to offer.

Peru - Lima - Miraflores

Have you already booked that ticket to Peru? If not, the hurry up and plan a honeymoon that will forever be ingrained in your memories.

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