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Honeymoon in Chile

Looking for Things to do in Chile while planning the best trip of your life?

Honeymoon in Chile As a newly married couple who has just finished having a blast at their wedding, you certainly want to give a spectacular end to the biggest event of your life with an amazing and exotic honeymoon. While you can never run out of options for a truly romantic and exciting honeymoon, have you ever considered honeymooning in Chile? Sounds surprising and unusual, doesn’t it? For you have probably never heard of enough couples celebrating their honeymoon in Chile. Well, truth be told, Chile is every honeymooner’s paradise. If you wish for a luxury, romantic honeymoon that will truly sweep you off your feet, Chile is the place 

Santiago de Chile

Santiago, the capital and economic center of Chile, is possibly one of South America’s most vibrant destinations for the perfect honeymoon. With its bustling markets, the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, towering high rises and the sour cocktails; one can never have enough reasons to spend their honeymoon in Santiago. It has the most spectacular natural beauty to offer, along with excellent dining and thrilling nightlife.

San Pedro de Atacama

Known as the land of indigenous people, San Pedro de Atacama is home to some of the most fascinating tours that will allow you to explore the region’s most amazing attractions. A few of these include lagoons with intense, radiant colors, active geysers and mesmerizing salt flats that will definitely leave you in awe. After that, you can relax during the hot springs and massages of their recreational complexes, followed by mouth-watering and delicious international cuisines of the area’s restaurants. As the daylight fades away and the night falls, you can gaze at the stunning night sky with your partner that is shining bright with twinkling stars. 

Torres Del Paine

Described as “one of the most spectacular sights that human imagination can conceive” by a visitor, Torres Del Paine is the ideal honeymoon destination for all married lovebirds out there. This breathtaking place will make you feel truly insignificant in comparison to the spectacular wonders of nature that it has to offer to you. It has some of the most jaw-dropping landscapes and beautiful turquoise waters that will leave you and your partner utterly mesmerized. With 17 hours of daily light in summer, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the dazzling sunrises that will make you fall in love. 

Puerto Varas

With two menacing snowcapped volcanoes, Puerto Varas has to be the most picturesque place in Chile. While on your honeymoon, you will get to enjoy amazing benefits offered by wonderful Southern Chile and an experience that you are likely to remember forever. From some of the best culinary and dining experiences to magnificent adventures on the river, you will find a ton of things to do with our partner in this cozy, lakeside town.

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