Highlights of Uruguay

South America Travel Posted on 04/05/2019

Uruguay is a tiny country that is bordered by Argentina and Brazil. It has some of the most amazing delights to offer to you from enchanting coastline to interiors marked by gaucho cultures, wild lands and the local folklore.

Often described as South America’s overlooked gem, the beauty of Uruguay is never-ending.

This gem boasts of incredible food and people, surreal scenery and architecture, and beaches upon beaches, which will leave you speechless.

When visiting Uruguay, here are some if its remarkable highlights that are certainly not to be missed.

Colonia del Sacramento

This is a highly picturesque town of Uruguay that lies on the Rio de la Plata. It is one of South America’s most beautiful towns that will leave you in plain awe and wonder. Colonia is an extremely pleasant city and to explore and discover it in the best possible way, you must stroll along its cobbled streets and stop at any small museum, a restaurant or café, or one of its souvenir shops.

This charmingcity has an area called Punta de San Pedro that holds the city’s lighthouse, which was built in 1857. The top of the lighthouse allows you to witness a bird’s eye view of the Rio de la Plata and the entire city, but for that you must climb 111 steps. While that certainly seems like a big ask, it is definitely worth it.  


This is Uruguay’s capital city that is extremely laid-back unlike the other cities. Montevideo has some of the well-paved roadways, which are smooth and peaceful. The causeway into this city’s center is nothing short of beautiful, owing to its boardwalks that are lined with stunning historic buildings and gorgeous palm trees.

One of Montevideo’s most popular sightseeing spots is Ciudad Vieja, which features an array of outdoor patios, boutiques, cafes, markets, streets art and sculptures that are an absolute treat to the eyes.

Montenvideo - Uruguay

Punta Del Este

This is the most famous coastal resort in Uruguay and is a big, luxurious city that spans the Atlantic Coast. One of the major highlights of this city is the Punta Del Este’s port, which is an absolute must-visit.

The port offers a lovely walk to its visitors who can choose to either watch the dazzling sunset from their lavish sailboats or can go sunbathing to the amazing Gorriti Island.

Uruguay, much to many peoples’ surprise, is certainly filled with unmatchable beauty and natural wonders that will leave you truly mesmerized.


The town of Carmelo is probably Uruguay’s best-kept secret. It’s located near the off-beaten tracks along the shores of the Rio de la Plata. It is an ideal location for honeymooners, travel enthusiasts, wine lovers and all those looking for the perfect weekend getaway.

Carmelo is one of the most exotic wine regions and rich in cultural offerings that make it an absolute highlight of Uruguay.  The resorts that clutter near the towns offer luxury accommodation and breathtaking views. Our personal favorites are the Hyatt and Narbona. You won’t regret staying overnight at these stunning spots and indulging in some quality time with nature. Moreover, don’t forget to witness the glorious sunset at the riverfront!

The moment you set foot in this place, you will find yourself being taken away far from the daily hustle and bustle of the busy city life into an almost serene and tranquil quaint town. 

On the whole, Uruguay is a must-go place that has everything you need to fulfill all your travelling goals.

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