Your Guide to Halloween in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/30/2018

This year will be my second go-around at Halloween Argentine-style. While last year was anti-climactic at best, it paved the way for a new way of planning and experiencing Halloween abroad which spurs a mixture of emotions.

Coming from a culture head-bent on spending the entire month of October in preparation for the 31st, it’s been hard to change my expectations. For those of you that stand with me on this, we can all agree that Halloween sits up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s a special holiday built on anticipation. And who can blame us? The thrill of dressing up as something or someone completely different from who we are the other 364 days of year is always exciting.

If you find yourself looking for some last-minute costume ideas or don’t know how to spend Halloween in Argentina, here’s a quick guide to get you through!

1. Where to Find Costumes

Surprisingly enough, Buenos Aires has a pretty lengthy spread of costume shops to access. Though Halloween in Argentina is still relatively new, a few stores have invested in this typically American holiday. Around the 31st you’ll see kids running in and out of schools and play centers dressed to perfection.

  • Once – While it may seem taboo to pass through Once, this is the holy mecca of Halloween costume shopping. There are plenty of cotillon shops (party supply stores) filled to the ceiling with your Halloween party favorites. Take the train or bus into Once and spend a few morning bopping in and out of the stores. You’ll surely find an interesting costume.
  • Calle Lavalle – Another popular strip of party stores is Calle Lavalle. This street will also have a range of Halloween costume accessories.
  • La Casa Del Mago – A local favorite for renting costumes, this place is a one-stop shop with all your Halloween needs. A two-room shop, one area is dedicated to small accessories and decorations, while the other is filled to the brim with entire outfits that you can rent for the weekend or a night.
  • Colores – Another shop located in Palermo, Colores is a great second option to La CaSa Del Mago if you didn’t find what you were looking for there.
  • Disfraz MF – Scattered throughout the city, these costume shops have a plethora of options. I would say start at one of these as prices are usually lower, and then move onto the other stores if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Kids celebrating Halloween

2. How to celebrate

There are, however, plenty of parties that go on around Halloween in Argentina. There are so many that it sometimes feels like an overwhelming amount of options. Many of the big clubs will usually dedicate the 30th or 31st to a Halloween-themed event. But word or warning…this by no means that everyone will be dressed up. Unlike typical Yanki parties in the United States, wearing a costume is by no means necessary. Make sure that the event you are going to is specifically Halloween-themed, or you run the risk of looking a little out of place.

Here’s a quick rundown of where to go:

  • Club One/Palacio Alsina – Frameless parties are known for appealing to expats. They often host parties for typically foreign holidays and cater to expats across the world. While there are limited tickets to these parties, they are a lot of fun.
  • Niceto – If you’ve been to Niceto, then you know they are big on themes. They usually host a Halloween-themed event that lands on the Thursday before Halloween (Club 69) or the day of depending on the year.
  • BAIS Argentina – Another big event business, they usually host a huge Halloween party at one of the big clubs. Tickets are pricey, but the event won’t disappoint. If you buy early-bird tickets, you’ll get a free drink!
  • Fiesta Plop – If you’re interested in checking out the gay Halloween scene, Fiesta Plop is a must. Every year seems to top the next. The night is filled with surprises and the party is an event in itself.

people celebrating in gualeguaychu festival

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Written by Hillary Skeffington

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