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Posted on 10/16/2013 Inspirational Trips & News

Grey Glacier – Torres Del Paine

A visit to the Grey Glacier is one of the most mind-blowing excursions you can take while visiting the Torres del Paine National Park. The glacier lies in the west of the national park and it can be seen in different ways. There are three ways you can experience the Grey Glacier:

1.  Boat Ride

The first and most common way to enjoy the beautiful sight of the Grey Glacier is through a half-day boat ride. The adventure would most probably start in Puerto Natales (if you are not already in the park) as it is the closest city to the Grey Glacier and the gateway into the Torres del Paine National Park. From there you would have to take Route 9 to the center of the national park to see the Glacier.

It is a 3-hour journey which allows for enjoying a unique combination of floral landscape, lush greenery and imposing snow-covered mountains. The ship has a main cabin for 50 passengers and an outdoor deck to enjoy the fresh Patagonian air while admiring the amazing scenery around you. Service in the boat is excellent and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

2. Hiking for 1 Hour

The second way to enjoy the Grey Glacier is to take an hour long walk from Guarderia Lago Grey along what can be described as a beach. The southern shore of the ‘beach’ will offer a wonderful and breathtaking panoramic view of the lake and you will have the opportunity to get very close to the glacier’s icebergs.

3. Full Day Hike

Last but not least, the third way to experience the Grey Glacier is through a full-day hike admits ice-blocks, cold caverns and transparent floors. Feeling the weird but amazing sensation of walking on a glacier and trying some of the Earth’s purest water is not something that can be done anywhere or anytime. With its enigmatic geography, walking through the glacier will be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in the Torres Del Paine National Park. Unfortunately the park authorities, CONAF, have retrieved their concessions so until further notice the walk is not allowed. An alternative ice hike option in the area similar to this one is the Balmaceda Glacier.

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