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Full Moon Adventure Iguazu

As you may know already, Iguazu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a trip to its thundering cascades makes for a truly exhilarating spectacle to behold. Yet, we at Say Hueque, offer an alternative way of making this marvellous stop in the North East of Argentina. Why not spice up your visit, to Buenos Aires and Iguazu with the Full Moon Adventure. You will be able to see the waterfall and so much more with this active and romantic getaway.

Moonlit Iguazu

Moonlit Iguazu

Our trip starts in Buenos Aires with two days two explore this city in all its splendour. We will provide you with plenty of tips and advice about what are the most interesting places to see, sending you in the direction of the fascinating political and historical centre. It could include seeing the multi-coloured, steel houses in la Boca or taking a trip down the cobblestone streets of San Telmo. In the evening we shall provide one of the most emblematic nights available in Buenos Aires, a gourmet dinner of exquisite Argentine cuisine followed by a tango show.

Gourmet dinner in Buenos Aires

Dinner & Tango Show In Buenos AIres

The next day it is off to Iguazu. As the Iguazu river snakes its way through Brazil and approaches Argentina it suddenly hit’s an enormous cliff-face and morphs into 250 waterfalls. It is hard to find a more overwhelming way to get close to nature and all her glory. One of the most popular destinations in South America, travellers will marvel as colourful parrots fly overhead and chatter away in the nearby trees of this jungle oasis. We will take you on a guided tour to the Argentine side of Iguazu Falls where you will get up close and personal with the falls, and you can actually feel the refreshing mist off the towering 80 metre Garganta del Diablo waterfall. Then we’ll take you to the Brazilian side of Iguazu; perfect to appreciate the panoramic vistas and sweeping landscapes.

The mist stings your face at the Garganta del Diablo

The mist stings your face at the Garganta del Diablo

In the evening you will have a Moonlight Bike tour. This is where it gets romantic. You will be safe in the company of a local guide who will take you on a wild and wonderful mountain bike tour through the Iryapú Forest Reserve near Iguazu. Enjoy biking the forest trails as the moonlight shines through the trees, illuminating a glittering path ahead. This is certain to prove a beautiful and different way to enjoy Iguazu.

Iguazu Sunset

An additional activity that can be incorporated into the trip at your demand is moonlit walk to the waterfall. Discard the bike and explore the cascades by foot. Take a partner and a bottle of fine Argentine wine and be witness to a magical performance of nature as the silver streams of glinting water plummet down the cliff-face and get lost in the dark river below.

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