What to See in Buenos Aires: If You Only Had 2 Days

Argentina Travel Posted on 12/27/2018

Going on a business trip to Buenos Aires and you have only the weekend to tour the city? Or do you have a vacation package that allows only two days stop at Buenos Aires?

Updated to April 2024

Whatever the reason might be, in a city as vast as Buenos Aires, you will always be short of time. We will make the most of your trip by telling you the best things to do in Buenos Aires.

Famously called the ‘Paris of South America’, this city is brimming with places and tourist’s attractions you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive guide for spending a short yet memorable time in Buenos, the following things to do in Buenos Aires are just what you need

1. Plaza de Mayo

Start off the day by greeting the city with a tour around Plaza de Mayo, a place rich with history. It was named in tribute to the 1810 Revolution which gave Argentina independence from the Spanish rule. Brimming with statues and several other historic buildings, in its very heart you will see the iconic Casa Rosada (‘the Pink Palace’).  On the opposite lies Cabildo which held the government seat in colonial times. If you want to go down the history lane, do not miss out this place.

View of plaza de mayo in buenos aires in a sunny day

2. Café Tortoni

Stroll the westward stretching path from the Plaza and you will come across Café Tortoni, Buenos’ oldest yet most famous café till date. Boost your energy with a refreshing cup of espresso and a delectable pastry. For a more delightsome experience, add Dulce de Leche, a sweet, savory caramel sauce.

3. Colon Theater

Further on from the café, stands the distinguished Colon Theater. Embellished with red and gold décor, this magnificent opera house is a must-see for its visual splendor alone.

4. Recoleta

Characterized by grandeur, and housing posh boutiques, monumental townhouses and royal palaces, Recoleta is the most famous neighborhood in Buenos Aires. However, it is most well-known for its cemetery.

Take a stroll around the Recoleta Cemetery for a stunning display of artwork and craftsmanship in the various graves and sculptures. It is also the resting place for many famous people like Eva Peron.

5. Caminito

Full of vibrant colors and brightly painted walls, Caminito is a unique street museum. Visiting this place is bound to leave you dazzled.

6. Plaza Dorrego

If you visit it on a weekday, you will find appetite-gratifying lunches served in cafes around this square. However, you will be more satisfied to come here on a weekend, when this place turns into the liveliest flea market in the world. Whether its antique items or local crafts, this is the ideal place for a tourist’s shopping spree.

So, for an amazing two days of your life, be sure to check some of our itineraries in Buenos Aires. Stay in Palermo so you do not miss the charm of this wonderful neighborhood!

7. Nightlife

Buenos Aires, known for its vibrant culture and lively nightlife, offers a diverse range of bars that cater to every taste and preference. From trendy cocktail lounges to classic neighborhood pubs, the city’s bar scene has something for everyone.

One standout aspect of Buenos Aires bars is the emphasis on craft cocktails. Many establishments take pride in their mixology skills, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create unique and flavorful drinks. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Argentine spirits like Fernet or prefer an innovative twist on a classic cocktail, you’re likely to find a bar that caters to your preferences.

A group of girl celebrating in a pub in buenos aires

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