Argentina Food: Fancy Restaurants vs Bodegones

Foodies' Guide Posted on 02/20/2019

Wondering about Argentina Food?

You could eat a horse? Let’s figure out where!

Updated to April 2024

1. Bodegones: home of traditional Argentina Food

Eating is a huge part of Argentina’s culture. As a matter of fact, most gatherings, meetings and encounters will include food. One doesn’t just drink coffee, one also has to have a croissant with it or a piece of cake, with beer, you’ll always have  peanuts. Where there’s drinking, there will be eating as well. Bodegones are the perfect example for this. If you’re coming to Argentina, check out the bodegones, which are traditional Argentine canteens!

Bodegones offer unique experiences beyond their food, but also in their special ambiance and service. Astounding professionalism, unquestionable memorization and knowledgeable recommendations are undeniable characteristics which hold true to bodegones’ waiters. Additionally, what makes bodegones remarkable are their core pillars: generous serving sizes, Spanish and Italian influences, years of experience, affordable prices and, as mentioned, well experienced waiters that will make you feel properly served.

enjoy a traditional meal in Argentina

Typical dishes are plentiful, but exuberant milanesas (breaded meat), french fries, tradicional ingredients, squid rings, Spanish omelettes, scrambled Gramajo (french fries, scrambled eggs, peas and ham) and an abundance of pastas set the scene.

When coming to a bodegón, be sure you don’t spoil your appetite beforehand and ask if a dish is para compartir (to share) ahead of ordering!

2. Fancy Argentina cuisine

Fancy restaurants are all over too! Tired of the same old thing, sometimes one just wants to experience new flavors, textures and ambiances. Secret restaurants, famous and popular spots, you can try them all.

With an incomparable atmosphere that definitely sets the tone, elegance is always present. From renovated old houses, to new buildings and closed door places, a rather extravagant scenery would be suggested: chic, retro, recycled. Just like any great venue, one can expect music that makes the moment memorable. Great quality for an appropriate price, you can find typical dishes with a twist or brand new recipes. Hybrid proposals are very fashionable, simply because nothing else defines Argentina better than being the melting pot of diverse nationalities, traditions and customs. Among everything, the common denominator would definitely be gourmet food.

Service will be respectful, professional and adequate—habitual qualities to a place like this. One will be expected to order an entree, main course and dessert, or will be offered to take in a four to seven courses meal, depending on the restaurant style.

Fancy restaurants put emphasis on the wow factor, especially when it comes to your meal with a mouthful of unalike culinary offers, making every cent count.

Kind reminder: tipping is expected in Argentina, though legally 10% will be expected. You’re rewarding an experience, and generosity is never forgotten especially if you decide to visit again!

Now that you know it all, what is it gonna be: fancy restaurant or bodegón?

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Fish dish in Argentina.

Written by Cecilia Carmona

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