Family Activities in Buenos Aires (That You Can Do at Home!)

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/11/2016

With the busy lives we all lead, and the obligations of work, home, and kid’s activities, there really is nothing like the build of excitement around knowing your vacation date fast approaches. We’re sure you’re already thinking about some fun family activities in Buenos Aires, but if you just can’t wait for your Argentina adventure to begin, we’ve thought up some activities you can do at home before your trip even starts!

Buenos Aires is known as a vacation spot that offers a unique blend of adult and child friendly attractions. In fact, it’s not unusual to see families out enjoying local restaurants & shops together into the late evening hours. If you get time away from the kids (and you have child care) you can enjoy adult friendly hot spots like casinos, lounges & cocktail bars, and tango shows, or head out to some kid friendly attractions like MALBA Museum or a day trip to Tigre

Although travelling to new and uncharted territory is super exciting for kids, it’s often a good idea to educate them on the country’s customs, traditions, foods, surroundings and even language. But this doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, we’ve collected these 5 fun family activities in Buenos Aires that you can also start doing at home, before you take flight! Even if you aren’t planning to travel anytime soon, these activities are a great way to experience a different culture from the comfort of your own home.

1. Crafting La Boca Buildings

La Boca is a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, and a popular tourist destination. La Boca is known for it’s brightly coloured homes and pedestrian streets. Lining these streets are buskers, vendors, and tango dancers, bringing the area to life & the local economy thriving.

Check out this simple craft where your kids will enjoy building their own La Boca building in bright vibrant colours, true to the area they’ll be visiting!

2. Learn To Tango!

Fun for kids and adults alike, the tango is a rich part of the Argentine culture dating back to the early 1800’s. The tango spread worldwide by the 1930’s where it began to make appearances in movies and stage performances.

What better way to have some fun, while making your Buenos Aires travel plans (or just for the heck of it) than to learn the tango! We’ve taken the liberty of providing some learning material below, with some real Argentine tango street dancers.

3. Argentine Cuisine At Home!

Sampling some Argentine cuisine may be our favorite of all the family activities in Buenos Aires. Trying this family activity out before your trip is a great way to prepare your kid’s tastebuds for the food that will be served while you’re travelling.  Cooking together also provides some family bonding time, where you can get together, prepare and sample new & interesting tastes, while discussing your trip plans! Empanadas are a popular stuffed pastry Argentine dish, and fairly easy to make in your own kitchen.

4. Learning the Language

Learning some basic phrases will help your whole family communicate with locals. This can become a game at home before your trip, where you roll play around the dinner table, being the tourist and the local. Learning a few phrases will not only help you feel more comfortable in new surroundings, but the locals will appreciate that you are making an effort to use their native tongue, whether it’s ordering food, asking for help, or simply saying hello.

Here’s our guide to the basic phrases you’ll want to know for your Argentina trip.

5. Review Our Travel Guide.

We put together our Argentina Family Section to help make your trip stress free and fun for the whole family. Look it over while crafting, doing the tango, or eating some delicious homemade Empanadas. Safe travels and enjoy Argentina in all it’s beauty!

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