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Posted on 06/15/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Express Vacation in Northwest Argentina

The stunning terrain in Northwest Argentina is unique to that of the entire country. Desert plateaus, salt flats, and jagged peaks all form a part of this diverse territory. The region is huge, expanding across kilometers of rugged nature, sprinkled with large cities and small villages. If you are pressed on time and can only fit in an express vacation in Northwest Argentina, listed below are a few destinations you must visit on your trip.

City of Salta

A beautifully preserved colonial town, Salta is a bustling city that has kept its old-world charm. Filled with cafés, folklore bars, museums and traditional architecture, any visitor is bound to fall in love. Grab a coffee at a café surrounding the main plaza to do some people watching. Later, after a dinner of locro stew, head on over to a peña music hall for some wine and folk dancing. Salta is the ideal base for your express vacation in Northwest Argentina where you can easily explore surrounding areas.

The Great Salt Flats

Take the Train to the Clouds route where you will enjoy scenery of flat plains and clear blue sky. If you have time, you can stop along the way at small towns like Campo Quijano, Quebrada del Toro, and Santa Rosa de Tasil, where you can take a quick coffee break to enjoy the surrounding views. Soon, you will arrive to the Great Salt Flats, a natural wonder of crystal clear terrain of salt. Enjoy taking optical illusion photos as reflective light mirrors images to play with the horizon between the salt and sky. This will be one image you’ll never forget!

Humahuaca Gorge

The Humahuaca Gorge mountain valley in Jujuy is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. This is where you will see colorful rock plateaus and unique geographical phenomenon. In the area, snap a photo at Maimará “Paleta del Pintor” overlook. Then head along the Rio Grande River and scout for prehistoric remains for the ancient inhabitants. The surrounding landscape will be the highlight of the visit. Try to count the colors you see layered in the rocks and ruins!

These are the top places to visit during your express vacation in Northwest Argentina. There are many more worthwhile spots to see in the various provinces of Salta, Tucumán and Jujuy, so contact Say Hueque to start planning your perfect trip!

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