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Posted on 12/08/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

Express Vacation in Mendoza

Have you had the chance to see Argentina’s wine region? Mendoza, located at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range on Argentina’s western border with Chile, is rapidly growing  in popularity and is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for wine travel in the world. Famous for its Malbec production and beautiful mountainous landscape, one of the best things about Mendoza is that you don’t need a large amount of time to pay this top destination a visit. An express vacation in Mendoza is perfectly feasible.

With even two days, an express vacation in Mendoza allows you to visit multiple wineries by bicycle or private tour and choose one of the many outdoor activities in the area. Or perhaps you have a few more days to spend in Mendoza. An express vacation of 3-4 days will give you 1-2 days to visit the wineries and another day or two to take in Mendoza’s nature, too. Whatever your particular preferences might be, Mendoza is a great destination for an express vacation.  Here are a few ideas for things to do on your quick trip to Mendoza.

If you’re more interested in the wine than the adventures in nature, two full days is plenty of time to see a large number of different wineries around the city. Many visitors to Mendoza opt for a group tour, which normally includes around 15 people and takes guests to 2-3 bodegas. Others opt for a private tour, which allows guests to have a unique experience with a knowledgeable guide, but for a higher price than group tours. Still others opt for a semi-private tour, which combines the best of a group tour and a private tour.

A semi-private tour takes groups of no more than 8 people to 3 bodegas that are not visited by group tours. These tours, like private tours, are led by knowledgeable guides and offer a more personalized experience than one will find with a group tour, all for a much more reasonable price than that of a private tour. Offering guests the option of touring the bodegas by bike, horseback, or shuttle, a semi-private tour is a great way to experience the best of the region’s wine culture during an express vacation in Mendoza.

For those interested in the nature aspect of the area, Mendoza is famous for being the home of the tallest mountain in the Americas, Mount Aconcagua.  As the most popular outdoor activity in Mendoza, the High Mountain Excursion takes guests to the mountain’s prime viewpoints, offering an unforgettable experience. Aside from this excursion, the area offers a number of other great outdoor activities including river rafting, horseback riding, trekking, paragliding, and visiting a thermal bath. Any of these family-friendly excursions can be done in a day or less, which is  ideal for an express trip to Mendoza.

For more information about an express trip to Mendoza and to find out how to start planning your personalized vacation to Argentina’s wine region, visit Argentina travel experts  Say Hueque!

Written by Will Collier

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