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Posted on 01/17/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Express Vacation in Buenos Aires

The biggest city in Argentina, Buenos Aires is the country’s political, cultural, gastronomical, and artistic capital. From its world-renowned tango culture to its well-deserved moniker as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is a must-see on any world traveler’s list. And although the city is big, it’s not too big, which makes it a great destination for an express vacation. A quick but thorough visit to Buenos Aires can be done in around two to three days.

Like in other large cities, visitors to Buenos Aires have an unlimited list of things to do at their disposal. While this is great for entertainment purposes, this also means that with a limited amount of time, guests will have to pick and choose what they want to see the most. A great way to take advantage of a short amount of time in Buenos Aires is to buy a ticket for the hop-on/hop-off double decker tour bus that travels through the city. This gives visitors a detailed overview of the main highlights of the city and allows them to identify the places they want to come back to visit after finishing the tour. Below are a few more suggestions of things not to miss on your express vacation in Buenos Aires.

The eclectic neighborhoods, or barrios, of Buenos Aires alone have enough diversity between them to provide a full week’s worth of activities for visitors. Though this isn’t to say that one can’t see the highlights of each neighborhood when on an express vacation in Buenos Aires. The most popular neighborhoods among tourists are San Telmo, known for its European feel and cobblestone streets, La Boca, home to the famous Caminito, Palermo, where shopping and restaurants dominate, Recoleta, the main neighborhood behind the ‘Paris of the South’ nickname due to its architecture, and Puerto Madero, the newest neighborhood and home to many waterside restaurants and other attractions.

As far as attractions go, make sure to check out Teatro Colon, the world famous opera house, the Casa Rosada, the presidential headquarters, Plaza de Mayo, the main square where epic events in Argentine history have occurred, and the MALBA museum of modern art. There are many more top attractions in Buenos Aires, if you are looking for other things to do while on your express trip.

Buenos Aires is a city that offers visitors plenty to do. Fortunately, it is also a great place for an express trip. If you’re looking for a quality destination for an express vacation, Buenos Aires invites you to find out why it’s such a popular tourist destination year after year.

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