Experience an Exotic Ibera Wetlands Tour

Argentina Travel Posted on 05/19/2016

The Iberá Lake and marshlands are among the last natural paradises on earth.
This nature reserve was founded in the year 1983 and it’s located 800 kilometres north of Buenos Aires. The wetlands cover over 13,000 km² of marsh with over 60 lakes and here, visitors can get face to face with caimans, capybaras, swamp deer, pampas deer, howler monkeys, giant otters, anacondas, greater rheas and over 350 species of birds that can be easily spotted.

We have launched a new Ibera Wetlands Tour to experience the magnificent marshlands from a completely new perspective. The trip allows tourists to experience the wetlands from within, swimming through the rivers and streams with horses while discovering the impressive wildlife at the reserve. A 6 days/ 5 night day adventure exploring the world’s second largest marshes, where over 350 species of birds and over 60 types of mammals can be spotted in a nautical safari.

This new itinerary has been expressly designed for adventure travelers who not only want to enjoy the wetlands, but to discover the wonders of this extraordinary and unique area for the very within, literally immersing into the heart of the wetlands.

The trip starts in Yaguareté Corá, a picturesque town from Corrientes, full of history, which opens its doors as the West Entrance to Iberá. This day the Interpretation Centre of Ibera Reserve will be visited, and tourists will learn about the region’s ecosystem and also about the species that were in Ibera before the hunting lead them to extinction, the ones that remain today and which others are being reintroduced into the reserve. It is an excellent opportunity to walk through the runways and appreciate much of the wildlife of the region, as much of the species of animals can be observed from here.

On the second day, an early departure to Carambola will allow participants to start the horse ride, crossing rivers and streams. Here, the horses are unsaddled and travelers will have to choose between crossing the deepest part in canoes and swimming with the horses.  This last option is as fun as risky and it requires previous experience with horses. During the afternoon guests will drift in canoes by the Carambola stream. The night will be spent in Piri refugees.

During the next day travelers will ride and swim trough the immensity of Ibera to return to Carambola and will be transferred to Concepción, leaving the 4th day to fly over the marshlands in a plane, enjoying magnificent panoramic views. Once guests arrive to the main Estancia in the afternoon, they will visit the nearest lagoons. At night, they will enjoy a wonderful night safari.

On the next two days of this impressive Ibera Wetlands Tour, visitors can choose to trek, bike or horse ride in the shore of the wetlands and the palmar, or sail through the Ibera Lagoon.

The best time of the year to visit Ibera will start in the early September, so don’t miss a chance to make the year 2016 a year you’ll never forget! Get in touch with us at Say Hueque for more information on this epic adventure!

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