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Posted on 03/18/2016 Inspirational Trips & News

Exciting News Tidbits for the Argentina Side of Iguazu Falls

This year, Iguazu National Park is full of exciting news for its visitors. We have re-openings, incredible new lookouts, and full-blown restorations. If you’re planning a trip to the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls, you won’t want to skip over this must-have info!

First of all, the upper trail has been extended by one kilometer and now has an incredible balcony over the San Martin fall. From this balcony, it feels like you’re about to be swept over the edge of the falls in the best way possible (you can’t miss this 15-second video to prove it!). It’s a sensational view you can’t miss during your trip to the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls.

A little panorama never hurt anyone

A little panorama never hurt anyone

The exit is through the Iguazú Delta, in between the islands: which is a very peaceful area and gives you the chance to see the Brown Capuchin monkeys who have sleeping nests at the end of this trail. Cue the big “aww.”

Since September, visitors have also had the opportunity of walking over the San Martin fall (this is the second biggest fall, after the Devil’s Throat) and enjoy the panoramic view of the smaller falls like Bosetti, and the Two Sisters.

Argentina side of Iguazu Falls

The second big piece of news regarding the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls is that this January, the Devil’s Throat circuit has been re-opened after the highest flood ever in July 2014. This bridge had been entirely destroyed and the construction to rebuild it took approximately six months.

Apart from that, the Old Hotel is been recovered and restored and will be used as an exposition center and museum.  Inside, the visitors can watch a documentary about the falls and view photos of the National Park as well as some older artifacts like uniforms and old climatology tools. The building looks just like it did back in 1922 when it was first opened.

Iguazu Falls News

The next project on the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls is to restore the Tower tank (built in 1922) which offers a one-of-a-kind view of the falls and has been used for many years as a look out for photographers.

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Written by Constanza Mainero

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