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Posted on 12/23/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

Esteros del Iberá – National Geographic Best Trips

It’s that time of the year again, where we wrap up 2014 and start looking forward to 2015. The lists of what was best this year and what will be best next year are being compiled. This year we have the honor of announcing that National Geographic has chosen Esteros del Iberá, Argentina as one of its Best 20 Trips for 2015!

What you need to know about Esteros del Iberá is that it lays in one of the more northern provinces of Argentina; Corrientes. The Guaraní call the 3.2 million acre wetlands Y Berá or “brilliant water”. The people of the Corrientes province identify greatly with the wetlands and its wildlife, they claim that the province wouldn’t be the same without them, which is not surprising when you take a look at a map of the province. Forty percent of the far-reaching wetlands have been protected by the Iberá Provincial Park since 1983. But recently more attention is being paid to preserving this wonderful area.

The humid subtropical climate makes for the perfect habitat of some wonderful animals. The Iberá Provincial Park is inhabited by a great variety of animals including the maned wolf, the marsh deer, the Yacare caiman, and the capybara. Until the 1950s the jaguar was the king of the wetlands, its stalking and ambushing ways left it on top of the food chain in the area. However with the involvement of humans the number of jaguars started to decline until they were extirpated from Corrientes in the 1950s. With the recent trend of preserving the wetlands, it has been decided that the jaguar is expected to make a comeback in the area. The world’s first jaguar reintroduction project has been started to bring the animal back to the Esteros del Iberá. As a result of this project, with any luck, the first wild jaguar cubs in over half a century will be born in Iberá next year.

The best time of year to discover the wildlife is in the fall of the southern hemisphere (March-June). The area will be quieter when it comes to tourists, as national holidays are in the local summer and winter. Furthermore the weather will be more comfortable than in the summer, when temperatures of 90°F (32°C) can be met.

For more information about Esteros del Iberá and to see the other destinations that were chosen as the Best Trips for 2015, check out the National Geographic List.

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Written by Marcel Hulleman

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