Argentine Estancias with Kids

Argentina Travel Posted on 03/27/2018

For parents looking to make the most out of the cutlural offerings in Argentina, a visit to a traditional estancia is often the top of the list. Traveling with kids can be especially challenging, especially when you have a long day ahead and you’re not entirely sure what to expect. Hopefully, this article will help prepare you for a long day out on the ranch. 

When staying in Buenos Aires, it’s common that you will head to the estancia for just the day because most estancias, or ranches, are found just outside of the capital city, in an area of Argentina caled the Pampas.  It is known for it’s great grasslands, which will be the perfect place for the kids to run around and enjoy the great outdoors.

A day trip may seem long and daunting, especially when you think about the kids, but it is actually one of the best activities for traveling families who are visiting Argentina.

Some estancia visits will include a visit to the small town of San Antonio de Areco. Although, your kids might be tired of yet another walking tour, but there is so much to learn and it will give you peace of mind because your kids are out of the busy city, providing you an added comfort of safety.

Most estancia visits start out by stopping in the small town of San Antonio de Areco.


Buenos Aires - Estancia

Once you arrive at the estancia, the fun will really get going for you and the kids. A friendly gaucho on horseback will greet you as you make your way up the drive of the estancia. The kids will be impressed.

Once inside, you will all be greated in proper Argentine fashion and the kids will be happy to have an area where they can run around, where you don’t have to worry about kids being kids in a foreign country.

The rest of your day will be filled with food, horses and dancing. Your kids will enjoy empanadas (meat-stuffed pastries), salami, home-made bread and drinks during a little down time before your family starts to explore the estancia. The real fun will begin when the gauchos bring out the horses. Most estancias take you a guided horseback ride or a carriage ride around the grounds of the ranch.  Working up an appetite, you and the kids will come back from the ride to find more snacks as the traditional Argentine asado is cooked on the grill. The asado is essentially a barbecue that includes a number of different meats, including chorizo, morcilla, asado al asador, vacío al asador, and costillar (Don’t worry if all those foreign words have you worried, all you need to know is an asado will be lots of meat, mostly different cuts of cow). While you’re eating, try to save room for dessert and coffee after the meal! During lunch there will be folk music and a dance show, where the kids can out of their seats and practice their moves too!


When your meal comes to an end, it’s time for another show! The talented horseback riders return, showing of incredible feats of horseback riding. When the kids start to get stir crazy from sitting, venture off to explore the buildings of the estancia or maybe take a dip in the pool, if the estancia has one and it’s summertime.

You can relax and watch them swim and splash in the water while enjoying Argentina’s traditional drink, mate, poolside before it’s time to head home for the day.

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