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Posted on 05/30/2015 Foodies' Guide

Empanadas Tucumanas

Some of the most famous cuisine in Argentina is from Northern Argentina. The flavors can be spicy, which is rare to find in Argentina gastronomia! Dishes are made with freshly grown ingredients and always homemade. Arguably the most famous dish from the area is the empanada, more specifically called «empanadas Tucumanas.»

Empanadas are stuffed pastries filled with a mix of ingredients, then either baked or fried. They are usually served in parties, family gatherings or as an appetizer before a meal. However, while you can find empanadas throughout Argentina, empanadas made in the Tucumán province are different than those you’d find in Buenos Aires or other provinces. They are normally handmade using traditional family recipes and are known for their crispy dough with perfect proportions of dough and filling.

The special dough used to make empanadas Tucumanas is made with wheat flour and beef fat. The dough is cut into small, flat circles and then filled with the pre-cooked mixture. Most fillings in Tucumán are made with meat, usually beef but sometimes chicken or tripe. The meat is then mixed with onions, boiled egg, onions, raisins, or vinegar, and seasoned with cumin and paprika. Spicy versions add hot peppers for an extra kick.

These special empanadas from Tucumán are hearty, with plenty of filling to satisfy your hunger. The dough is closed with a pattern called repulge where the pastry is folded together. Each type of empanada has its own shape so you can identify which type you are eating. Empanadas Tucumanas can be fried in a tray of fat in a clay oven or cooked in a gas oven.

Enjoy a traditional meal in Tucumán including empanadas, locro stew, tamales, and wine from the region. The best time to try empanadas is in September during the National Empanada Festival in Famaillá, the National Capital of the Empanada.

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