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Patagonia Travel Posted on 04/08/2020

In our opinion, El Chalten is one of the most stunning attractions in South America, so we don’t blame you if it’s been toward the top of your bucket list!

If you’ve been planning a trip, you have most likely already researched a bit about this popular trekking and sightseeing destination. Each year, El Chalten attracts visitors from all over the world for it’s incredible glaciers, sparking lakes, rushing rivers and lush forests. But despite its rise in popularity over the recent years, it still remains one of the best hidden gems of southern Argentina.

Patagonia’s prime tourist season is coming up and now is a great time to start planning your trip to El Chalten. If you’re someone who loves trekking, you definitely don’t want to miss this dream of a destination. The best thing about trekking in El Chalten is that you can choose where and when to go, and at your own pace, since the paths are self-guided and very well marked and maintained. Now the only thing you need to do is get there! To find out more about getting to El Chalten and the options you have for traveling there, click here.

With your mind made up to visit El Chalten, we would like to offer you some helpful information about trekking in the park so that you can make the best use of your days in this nature lover’s paradise. Read on for our suggestions and recommendations on what to do in El Chalten:

1. Hike to Laguna de Los Tres

This is arguably the most famous hike in El Chalten and takes you to the closest spot to Mt. Fitz Roy and the peaks around it. Starting from Av. San Martin, the slope maintains a slow and steady rise for the first hour dotted with an increasing number of Antarctic Beech trees. Once you reach the Del Salto stream, follow the flow until you get to Lagunas Madre and Hija. A little further on is the Poincenot Base camp and, soon after, the Rio Blanco Base camp. From here it is just a 400m ascent to the Laguna de los Tres and the staggering views you have been yearning for. Embrace the extraordinary site of the sparkling lagoon and the granite walls of Mt. Fitz Roy beyond it.

2. Trek to Cerro Torre

This trek is hailed as one of the classics. Vintage El Chalten you might say. It takes you up the Adela mountain range with spectacular views of Cerro Torre.  From El Chalten the trek has two starting points that approach Laguna Torre. Both ways go through De las Vueltas river valley and continue up to the river’s source.  Half way up you arrive at a natural viewing point with incomparable vistas of the Adela range and the looming Cerro Torre surrounded by granite peaks. De Agostini Base Camp is not far down the line and is a great place to spend a night. And fifteen minutes along the way is Laguna Torres where you can find a number of icebergs which have slid down from the bottom of the glaciers.

3. Visit the El Chalten Brewery

This charming, local brewery set deep in the wilds of the Patagonian Andes is a sight for sore eyes after a long day of trekking out in the cold. High quality artisanal beer is produced using only the best ingredients and excellent Andean water. The beer is not filtered so that the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals can remain to give the intensity of flavour an extra kick. Enjoy a dark, turbid bock or a blond pilsner in this warm and rustic setting with great music. There is always a guitar and traditional drum set left out for anyone to pick up in a moment of inspiration.

We hope this list has inspired a bit of wanderlust! For more information on trips to Patagonia and to plan a personalized trip in Argentina, visit www.sayhueque.com or contact us travel@sayhueque.com and mention this blog post!

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