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How to be Eco-Friendly on Vacation?

Do you like travelling a lot?

Then you must do it for the awe-inspiring sights, picturesque views, and lush green landscapes. These places appear more wonderful because of the clear blue waters and the fresh air and because, luckily, there are lot of people that are e Eco-Friendly on Vacation.

Are we right? Because…what if the freshwaters turn murky and the land becomes filthy. Then what?

You would most likely stop visiting these tourist haunts.

Right again, aren’t we? But how does it concern you?

Well, tourist spots aren’t just populated with people. They are accumulated with the trash they throw after their fun activity. It seems that these people tend to forget their ‘clean, green’ philosophy at home.

You may say that it is hard to practice this lifestyle on foreign shores. However, this is just an excuse!

Because ‘where there is will, there is a way’!


And here are a handful of ways you can prevent yourself from harming the environment during a trip:

1. The Sensible Shopper

You may already know about the harmful effects of non-biodegradable plastic bags. After use, all they do is take up space on this planet and create unlivable conditions for marine life.

Thus, we advise you to carry re-useable bags on your shopping sprees. And since the new-era merchandizing is all about ‘going green’. We bet you will easily find smart bags that won’t compromise your travelling style. Plus, they are durable for all kind of weather and last for years.

2. The Caring Guest

Are you guilty of wasting electricity during your stay at hotels? Then break that habit right away!

Your carelessness is consuming lots of non-renewable energy. This could lead to power breakdowns and electricity shortages in the coming years. Therefore, we suggest that you switch off the fans, lights and unplug electronics whenever you leave the hotel room.

3. The Litter-Free Adventurer

How many wrappers and disposable water bottles do you use during your journey? The answer is plenty.

And where do you throw all the trash? Hopefully, in the bin!

Many countries have strict rules about littering but several don’t. This variation in regulation must not cause you to litter though. As you must know that your littering is harming the environment and clogging the beauty of the lands you have come to see.

Hence, you must make sure to throw the trash in the garbage disposal sites. In case you see none, keep the wrappers and bottles inside your bag to be thrown later.

That’s it! These are just a few of the tiny things you can do during your trips. They may not seem like much but they make a whole lot of difference for the beautiful valleys you tread in.

We hope that you adhere to these tips to ensure a clean, green vacation.

To plan your next green vacation, check our website for more adventures in Argentina, Chile and best destinations of South America.

Safe Travels!

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