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Posted on 03/07/2013 Foodies' Guide

Eating in Torres Del Paine

In the Torres Del Paine National Park, eating and drinking will be limited depening on where you are staying. Every hotel in the Park has a restaurant, and some of the mountain refuges/huts as well: Paine Grande, Las Torres, and Grey.  In the camping areas there are no shops available (unless the camp site is next to a mountain refuge/shelter or a hotel), so if you are camping you have to pack your own food.

In general terms, food will be simple (unless you stay in the best hotels in the park) and will be even simpler for vegetarians. Fresh vegetables are hard to find (you will end your stay in the park dying for a green salad) so please remember this is a remote place.

However, if you are traveling on an organized hiking tour, the meals can be quite tasty.

Dinner time!

Refuges usually have a fixed menu every day – usually pork, chicken or beef with potatoes- and sometimes salmon. There is usually a vegetarian option which often consists of an omelet, pasta or rice dish. In the few kiosks you can find crisps, peanuts, cookies and chocolate if you are lucky.  That said, food is generally more expensive within the Torres del Paine National Park.  Be prepared to spend $15-$20 USD on a basic, but tasty lunch. This is primarily due to its remote location and the costs associated with shipping and storing food at the shops/restaraunts.

Torres del Paine travel tip:

When you are planning your trip to Torres del Paine, be sure to check what meals are included in the price of the tour and what meals are paid locally. Some of the meals available at hotel restaraunts in the park are delicious, but be prepared to pay for the convenience of grilled salmon or steak. Also, if you have any dietary requirement, we suggest you check in advance if your chosen accommodation has it available.

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