Does it Snow in Chile?

Chile Travel Posted on 04/19/2021

This is something that not many people know about, but Patagonia splits between Argentina and Chile. Half of the territory of these countries is part of Patagonia, a region typically famous for its incredible mountains, stunning solitude, and, of course, snow-capped peaks.

1. When can I see snow in Chile?

In Chile, you may see snow from June to September, the Southern Hemisphere’s winter. The natural border between Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia is the Andes Mountain Range and this is where the big snowy season can be enjoyed.

When it snows in this part of the country, be prepared to get your feet inside many inches of snow! Other than the Andes, it does not snow in Chile, you’ll probably have rainy weather if you travel in winter. 

Anyway, if you want to see some white landscapes in Chile you must travel during July when snow is more probably to happen. Before traveling to Chile, you should know where it snows, where to go skiing and enjoy other snow activities, and which winter celebrations you can join!

Trekking in Torres del Paine Chile

2. Where does it snow in Chile?

In the Andes Mountain Range where most skiing slopes are, but also in La Parva, Valle Nevado, El Colorado, and Portillo. 

  • La Parva: It’s the nearest ski center to Santiago de Chile, the capital, and thus, the only one from where you can also appreciate the Santiago Valley. It offers a range of slopes and creeks (only for experts!). More information about La Parva:
  • Valle Nevado: The most modern and largest ski resort in Chile. Located in the Andes, this is the perfect place to practice ski randoné! And if you get tired from snow, be part of the many social events of the Valle Nevado. The official website:
  • El Colorado: If you like to ski in powder snow, El Colorado is your place. This ski slope features urban-style parks, like Sunset Park and Valle Olímpico, test your skiing skills and get fun in these unique snow parks in South America. More information about El Colorado:
  • Portillo: This is the oldest ski resort in Chile and the farthest from the capital. Portillo is located deep into the Andes and is an international destination. Beginners, experts, and even Olympic skiers join together to enjoy the slopes of Portillo. Taste the local culture by visiting the Inca Lagoon and learn all about its love legend! Get more information about Portillo here:
Trekking in Torres del Paine

3. When it snows in Chile, people celebrate!

Local winter celebrations are the perfect options to learn more about the local culture and have some fun! Get the most of your winter trip to Chile and be part of any of the following celebrations:

  • La Carrera Sol: This is a traditional ski/snowboard race that has been celebrated every Thursday for more than 50 years in the Portillo ski resort. People of all ages and levels of dexterity can participate, and also children. If they have joined the resort’s ski school, they are automatically subscribed to the race held in the Kid’s Camps slopes.
  • Torch Lowering: Every Friday in Portillo guests can enjoy this unique spectacle held by the Ski School of Portillo. Snow, fire, and stars are the perfect combinations to enjoy a different night in your winter vacations. You can see the torch lowering also from a warm-water pool! 
  • Winter Solstice: Chilean living in Punta Arenas in Patagonia celebrates the arrival of the winter season with a music festival very suitable for families! The traditions of natives called the Mapuches are honored in the winter solstice too. It’s heald on the coastline of the city of Punta Arenas, the 21st June. 

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