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Posted on 02/24/2019 Welcome to South America

Do I Need Vaccines For Argentina?

Happily, you do not!

There are no required vaccines to enter the country. This means that there are not enough cases of any disease to classify it as a risk for travelers.

However, if you want to be over cautious, we have a few suggestions. Keep in mind that vaccination in Argentina is mandatory for all citizens, especially for kids. There is a long list of vaccines kids should take, therefore, most Argentine adults have all vaccination needed to have a normal life. This is why there are very few cases of endangering diseases in the country.

If you are traveling with an infant with less than 12 months old, we strongly suggest you vaccinate them against measles, even though this is included in most countries vaccination’s routine, if it’s not in yours, now you know!

As an adult, like everywhere else in the world, it is your responsibility to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, varicella (chickenpox), polio vaccine, and remember to have your yearly flu shot. All the aforementioned vaccinations are part of Argentina and most countries vaccination’s calendar. Having your routine vaccines is being responsible towards yourself and others. Please, check your documentation to verify if there is any routine vaccine you didn’t get.

Hepatitis is a disease one should look out for worldwide. If you haven’t been vaccinated against it (A or B), maybe this is a good time to do so! If you are a little scared about needles and the idea of it is not appealing at all, don’t fret! It is not required to enter the country because there is no significant risk of contracting them. None the less, I strongly suggest you don’t eat suspicious street food and restrain yourself from drinking any other water but bottled.

Yellow fever vaccination is more recommended for Brazil but not for Argentina. In 2018, there were only 7 confirmed cases of yellow fever in the country, therefore no one is at risk of contracting it. If you plan to visit Bolivia or Brazil, I emphatically suggest you get vaccinated against yellow fever, but not if you are traveling only to Argentina.

All in all, Argentine Government would not bear to put in risk international tourism, therefore the lack of restrictions towards unvaccinated travelers reflects that there is no real danger of contracting any of the mentioned diseases while conducting oneself with common sense and normal precaution.

Written by Cecilia Carmona

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