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Posted on 01/23/2019 Welcome to South America

Do I Need A Visa For Argentina?

Visas are understandably a top FAQ. Of course! They are often complicated and demand both money and time. But I’ve got good news! Nationals of Canada, North America most Western European countries, Australia and New Zealand do not need a visa to visit Argentina. 

If you want to be certain, here’s the link of the Argentine Chancellery where all the countries that do not require tourist visas are listed. Which popular countries do need a tourist visa to visit Argentina? India and China are great examples of this situation. But, fortunately, the Argentine government has a special service that offers an electronic travel authorization. Here you can apply for your authorization.

The application process is quite simple and requires normal documentation. It usually takes between 10 to 15 working days, but it can take up to 45 days, therefore, as soon as you have your hotel reservation, I suggest you contact the Argentine government through the aforementioned linked in order to start with your visa process. An express tourist visa is available and it takes 3 to 5 working days.

For citizens of India and Morrocco, the tourist visa is free. For other countries, it costs 150 USD – until July 2019- and can be paid online with a debit card or through Money Order. For accelerated services, there’s a 40 USD additional cost. In all cases mentioned, the traveler can stay in the country up to 90 days, except for some particular cases.

What kind of documents do I have to bring with me?

Anyone entering Argentina should have a passport valid for at least six months from date of entry, and ideally, past the date, the passport holder leaves the country.

Once you’re in Argentina, police can still demand identification at any moment -but rarely do without reason-, so carry at least a photocopy of your passport around at all times. Documentation will come in handy for entering government buildings, getting tax-free purchases, changing money at a bank and paying with your debit or credit card in most shops and supermarkets.

What documentation do I need if I want to drive while in Argentina?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that… Sometimes a road-trip brings some extra excitement to the adventure. Or maybe a lot of this? Check out some road-trip options to do down South!

If you are considering to drive while you are in Argentina, you must be, at least, 21-years-old and have a driver license. You don’t need to bring the international driver license -unless you have it, in that case, for sure! The national driver license will be fine as long as it is valid for the time being. If you plan to cross from one country to another, you should ask your travel expert to arrange legal permission for you to take the rental car to another country. This authorization has an additional cost but it is for everyone, nationals included.

Do I need anything else?

Well, that should be it! BUT, remember to hire good health insurance to get you covered. I really hope you won’t need to use it, but it’s good to know you have trustworthy travel insurance. We recommend World Nomads!

Written by Cecilia Carmona

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