4 Trips To Discover The Highlights Of Argentina In 2 Weeks

Argentina Travel Posted on 03/19/2019

Traveling to Argentina should definitely be on your to-do list. Why? Because this amazing country has so much to offer, and although sometimes our schedules do not allow us to do it all, after a significant evaluation of the many destinations where you can travel while you’re here, you will be able to make the most of such thrilling trip. Keep reading to pick up on a few ideas for itineraries on two-week escapades to Argentina. 

Updated to April 2024

1. Buenos Aires, Iguazu & Classic Patagonia Adventure Tour

Buenos Aires

When traveling to Argentina, Buenos Aires is an absolute MUST on your list. The city has it all: culture, history, gastronomy, and adventure. This itinerary proposes two full days in the city, long enough to visit the most important locations and to get a decent taste of ‘Porteño’ (a Buenos Aires native) life. 

Puerto Madryn

After a personal tour around the city, nature and wildlife get their chance to stand out in Puerto Madryn. Having the chance to get a close look at whales and penguins, among other amazing animals, enhances the trip. 

best of Argentina

Tierra del Fuego

Heading further south to Ushuaia, the famous city at the end of the world calls on the inner adventurer in all of us. Doing some trekking and paddling, and taking the Beagle Cruise to get a better idea of the area sets the tone before going to El Calafate. 

El Calafate

The two-night stay in El Calafate provides enough time to marvel at the Perito Moreno Glacier, which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and then enjoy some freedom in choosing the type of adventurous activity you’re looking for: an estancia day, a bike tour or a boat cruise. You decide what’s best for you!

Iguazú Falls

A free half-day in Buenos Aires is the perfect break to check out whatever you missed on your first visit to the city a few days before and to get ready to see the mind-blowing natural wonder, Iguazu Falls. 

The two-day visit to Iguazu is a perfect opportunity to travel on both the Argentine and Brazilian side of this natural miracle.

After this unforgettable adventure, it’s time to go home and process all of the amazing landscapes, delicious food, and kind acquaintances this trip has provided to you.

2. The Best Of Argentina

This itinerary’s title sounds quite ambitious, right? What can qualify as the very best of Argentina? Well, you are about to find out!

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the perfect appetizer for this five-course trip. Buenos Aires’ charm can be seen on every street corner, and La Boca, Recoleta and Palermo are, in particular, must-see areas. Taking two days to make the most of this cosmopolitan city will be just about right.

El Calafate

The next course is El Calafate, home of Perito Moreno Glacier. The views of this incredible glacier will stop you in your tracks, and the appreciation for such a natural miracle is why many decide to visit this town in particular, and Patagonia in general. But Patagonia is more than just glaciers, and that’s why the adventure continues towards Ushuaia, another paradigmatic city of the area. 

Tierra del Fuego

This city at the end of the world offers the chance to connect with history, culture, and nature. There are some great spots to go hiking, but also options including cruises, trekking, and paddling activities to make this place endlessly interesting. After a quick but unforgettable visit to two of the most renowned Patagonia destinations, it’s time for the fourth course: Mendoza.


These lands are the producers of the Argentine Malbec, a worldwide famous wine. But there’s more to Mendoza than winery tours, such as their lovely mountains, their adrenaline-pumping activities, and the impressive Aconcagua Mountain, one of the Andes’ most popular peaks.

Mendoza - Bike Wine Tour

Iguazú Falls

The closing course of this ambitious trip is the magnificent Iguazu Falls, where you will have intimate views of this unforgettable section of the Iguazu River. Exploring the hidden gems of this unique National Park and making the most of the vast panoramic views of the Falls on the Brazilian side are the way to get in touch with your inner photographer. 

The end of this adventure is in Buenos Aires, both the starting and ending point of this Argentine trip. Remember to bring home some alfajores (Argentine cookie sandwich) to tie this experience with a lovely ribbon.

3. Highlights of Northern Argentina

Buenos Aires

The classic starting point, Buenos Aires is our chosen city to start this adventure. For a change, you’ll have a free day around the city, to decide what interests you the most. Later, there will be time to review the city’s must-see destinations. But for now, the city is all yours!

Iberá Wetlands

The second stop is Iberá, the land of wild animals, jungle, isolated estancias, gauchos, and horses, but also the second-largest wetland in the world after Pantanal in Brazil. Iberá has a wide variety of wildlife, which will be visible on the boat tour, allowing you to see up-close some amazing animals, such as capybaras, marsh deers, neo-tropical river otters, aquatic birds, and caimans!

Iguazú Falls

The adventure continues on towards Iguazu Falls to check out both the Argentine and Brazilian viewpoints, and to admire the beauty and strength of nature. 

See Iguazu Falls on a cultural trip to Argentina

Salta & Jujuy

The two-day stop in Iguazu is followed by a visit to Salta, a place in northern Argentina where you’ll find historic ruins, scattered houses, small villages, and amazing landscapes. You will visit the Humahuaca Gorge, declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, and the Calchaqui Valleys during your four-day stay in the North.

For a perfect closure, Buenos Aires will offer a tango show and a city tour, to review all of the famous places in the so-called ‘Paris’ of South America.

4. Argentina For Adventurers

Buenos Aires

This itinerary proposes a traditional starting point in Buenos Aires, followed by a three-and-a-half-day visit to El Calafate.

buenos aires train station

El Calafate

Holding the privilege of the Perito Moreno Glacier, is a mandatory visit in Argentina for those who enjoy some adventure.

El Chaltén

The next destination on the itinerary is El Chaltén, the trekking capital of Argentina. This is an amazing destination for hikers and trekkers to take on some great trails, but also to stop and be amazed by the surrounding beauty. 

Tierra del Fuego

To continue, a visit to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the country sets the tone for a perfect encounter between travelers and nature in alluring sceneries such as Tierra del Fuego National Park. 

Iguazú Falls

When covering Argentina’s highlights, there is still one more destination you must visit: Iguazu. With its lush, green beauty and its natural charm, this place offers a little bit of everything, portraying some history and culture without leaving nature and wildlife behind.

These amazing experiences in Argentina are for sure worth your visit. To start planning your trip to see the Highlights of Argentina, talk to our travel experts and let the adventure begin!

Written by Cecilia Carmona – Edited by Cathie Haynor

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