Destination Highlight: Ushuaia Tours

Argentina Travel Posted on 05/07/2017

Ushuaia, one of most visited Argentina destinations, has it all: ski, trekking, cuises as well as excellent restaurantes and hotels.

You will be surprised by the infraestructure, the history and the wamrth of its people. It is possible to spend from one day to a full week enjoying every day different activities. The city is also home of some very interesting museums (like the Prision of the end of the World) and cafes that give a warm refugio in the cold days.

Here a list of our favorites things to do in Ushuaia.

Beagle Channel Cruise: a half day boat trip you can’t miss to explore this paradisiac channel.

Australis Cruise: A 3 days adventure that will take you to the famous Cap Horn

Tierra del Fuego National Park: The southernmost National Park surrounded by rivers, lakes and beautiul lengas and ñires forest.

Penguin Rockery: If you like these little and cute animals you can’t miss the experience of walking with them.

Ski: Visiting the end of the world in winter? Did you know Ushuaia is considered one of the top destinations for ski in South America?

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