Day Trips From Buenos Aires

Inspirational Trips & News Posted on 11/19/2014

Only have enough time in Argentina to visit Buenos Aires but looking for a quick getaway from the city? Lucky for you, there are many day trips from Buenos Aires to nearby towns that can give you a small taste of country life. Although trips to cities like Mendoza, Bariloche, and Iguazu require a few days commitment, there are many shorter trips outside of the capital that can be accomplished in just one day. Here are a few suggestions of quick and easy day trips from Buenos Aires:

Day Trip to Las Pampas

One of the oldest traditional influences in Argentina is the gaucho culture. These Argentine “cowboys” have always occupied much of the undeveloped land in Argentina and have managed to keep their traditions alive in many parts of the country, most notably in the grassy land of Las Pampas. Take a short two hour trip to San Antonio de Areco, a small town heavily influenced by gaucho culture. Each year, there is a gaucho parade and horse competition, where hundreds of gauchos from all over the country come to show off their horseman skills. Other gaucho products, like fine silver and leather goods, are available in stores that specialize in handmade gaucho products. The charming town is surrounded by estancias, which are classic Argentine ranches and homes, many of which were built during Spanish rule in Argentina. At an estancia, you can enjoy horse rides alongside gauchos, a delicious asado barbeque, and an exciting gaucho show of horse tricks and guitar music. Make sure you take a photo while laying down next to a horse during the show!

Day Trip to Tigre

Tigre is a small city located around 20 minutes outside of Buenos Aires city, known for its water deltas and ferry boat transport. It is a fresh change of pace from the hustle and bustle of downtown Buenos Aires, where you can take a water taxi boat to small islands on the river delta, go for a swim at a luxurious country club, or pick up a water sport like kayaking or jet skiing. On weekends the port fills up with families picnicking on grassy knolls while the artisanal goods market sells traditional Argentine keepsakes like mate gourds and leather purses. Spend a day relaxing in the shade out in the river delta or strolling along the the river’s edge to the Tigre art museum. Transport is available by a short, pleasant train ride or water taxi from downtown Buenos Aires.

Day Trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

It’s hard to believe but a day trip to another country is possible from Buenos Aires! Discover the historic and charming town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. Only a quick hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires, Colonia is full of charming restaurants, cobblestone streets and preserved historic architecture. Spend the day walking or biking the town, as a car isn’t necessary! As the town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the traditional buildings and streets are still intact, making a simple stroll down the sidewalk a treat of Portuguese, Spanish and colonial style craft. Take a trip back in time in Colonia and make sure to try the Uruguayan chivito steak sandwich!

Day Trip to Peru Beach

Who says Buenos Aires doesn’t have a beach? Just 20 minutes on the Tren de La Costa from downtown Buenos Aires, you will find Peru Beach, located on the Rio de La Plata. Although not an ocean beach, this river shore offers everything you look for in your beach day: sandy and grassy shores, water sports activities, tanning on the wooden docks. On land activities include rock climbing, tennis courts, and skate park. Make sure you grab a bite to eat, accompanied by a delicious cocktail from the snack bar. You won’t be disappointed with your day at Peru Beach!

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