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Posted on 09/19/2016 Inspirational Trips & News

Ciudad Emergente – Buenos Aires Festival

Ciudad Emergente (Emerging City) is a Buenos Aires Festival dedicated to underground art and music. This festival is experiencing dizzying success as it rapidly becomes one of the most anticipated events in Buenos Aires. If you like live music, art, dance and design, then Ciudad Emergente is the event to visit, as this festival offers so many exciting things to do during your travel in Buenos Aires

Ciudad Emergente 2016

The festival was born with the purpose to provide a free festival to promote youth culture and explore new trends emerging in the world of music, film, art dance, fashion and more recently stand-up comedy. There is a great variety of performers and you will find that this festival has something for everyone. The event has a mission to appeal to every facet of today’s youth with lots of things to do in Buenos Aires every day during the festival. The range of activities will attract music lovers and art lovers, especially electronic-music fanatics. This Buenos Aires festival will host dozens of live national and international bands, various DJ performances and countless art exhibitions which include the world famous Buenos Aires street art.

Ciudad Emergente Festival

The Venue of the Ciudad Emergente Festival

This festival is that is all about the promotion of youth culture. You will have the chance to browse through different magazines focusing on different styles, and you’ll even have the opportunity to download the music you like from the festival for free. In past years, there have also been a series of documentary films that illustrate the Argentine perspective of youth fashion, trends and habits today.

Ciudad Emergente street art

Street Art at the Buenos Aires Festival

Where and When The organizing agents of the festival, Buenos Aires’ Culture Department, have chosen the sprawling and historic Recoleta Cultural Center as the setting for this incredible event. The place is perfect for this Argentine festival with its wide hallways, spacious rooms and numerous patios and large terraces. The 5-day music and art festival in Buenos Aires will take place from September 20 – 25 this year. In the past, there have an average of 130,000 people have attended the festival each year, which is a good indicator of how highly anticipated this festival is. And while there is a great variety of day trips and cultural things to do in Buenos Aires throughout the year, this week is especially vibrant.

Ciudad Emergente Activities

Diversity at the Ciudad Emergente Festival

Keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss out on this recurring event. Also do not stress about age, in this festival you are still considered young no matter how long its been since you were a teenager. All you need to bring is a buena onda (good vibes) and your youth will be projected and strengthened. Prepare to see and hear the future. For further information about events in Buenos Aires, contact adventure travel experts, Say Hueque.

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