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Posted on 05/20/2018 Inspirational Trips & News

What to Do and Where to Go During Chilean Winter

Are you planning to go to Chile this winter? Great!

Are you looking for fun things that you can do there to make the most of your vacation? Obviously everyone wants to make their vacation fun and memorable. And you want nothing less than that, too. So, here’s a list that you can follow to spend quality time in winter in Chile.

1.     Skiing

One sport that instantly pops into our minds when we think of winters is skiing. It is a favorite of all those who love excitement and crave adventure . The towering heights, epic slopes and soft snowfall make this sport adrenaline-packed and fun.

So, spend your  Chilean winter vacation by indulging yourself in the fun sport – Skiing. There are many skiing trails in Chile you can visit to such as Valle Nevado, Portillo, Corralco and Chillan.

2.     Snowboarding

In winter, the capital city of Chile, Santiago is surrounded with epic snow peaks which become the most suitable sport ground for all the sport enthusiasts. So if you’re looking for more options that just skiing snowboarding is what you’re looking for!

And it just so happens to be that Santiago is the perfect place for it!

3.     Trekking

Trekking can be another fun way to spend  your Chilean winter vacation. One of the great places to go for trekking in winter in Chile is El Morado glacier. The place is ideal for trekking as it is not over crowded. People all over the world come to this place for a good trek experience.

4.     Perito Moreno

Don’t worry if you are not a sporty person. Perito Moreno will still have you covered!

With the help of a boat, you can look at the humongous glaciers, feel the chilly wind on your face and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the whole place.

Visiting Perito Moreno can be the most tranquil experience for those who have a thing for scenic routes.

5.     Visit Chilean Lake District

Most of the people skip Chilean Lake District during winters thinking of it as a summer spot. However, spending your winters in the Chilean Lake District can be the perfect way to cozy up in a warm blanket next to the crackling wood fire.

You get to see astounding sights like heavy clouds, ancient forest and beautiful villages and have yourself a wonderful winter vacation.

6.     Explore the Atacama Desert

Visiting Atacama Desert  in the winters sounds like a great idea, especially if you do not like sweltering heat! You will be able to enjoy the cozy restaurants and small villages situated in the desert without breaking a sweat.

So, explore this desert during your perfect Chilean winter vacation and collect as many photos and memories as possible! These are the six ways which can guarantee you a promising and fulfilling experience in Chile this winter!

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