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Posted on 09/27/2016 Inspirational Trips & News

Ciao, Reciprocity Fee!

Reciprocity what? That is right, for those of you that don’t know this is great news for U.S. travelers coming to Argentina.

A Reciprocity fee is basically a fine that all U.S. passport holders had to pay upon entering Argentina. The reciprocity fee was originally instated in 2009 under Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s presidency and targets those countries where Argentine citizens had to pay an entrance fee. Seems fair enough right? If you have to pay in one country to visit, why not do vice-versa? Well in actual fact, the latest government of Mauricio Macri is trying to get chummy with the U.S. again and following the recent visit of Barack Obama in Argentina in March, Macri’s government has lifted the reciprocity fee.

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The Reciprocity fee meant that U.S. citizens had to pay US$160 upon entering Argentina. The tourism minister for Argentina hopes that dropping the reciprocity fee will encourage more tourism from the U.S. And now there is good news for travelers entering the Argentina on a U.S. passport: the Reciprocity fee has was temporarily lifted earlier this year, and it has now officially been lifted for good! (Australian and Canadian travelers will still need to pay the fee, and can do so here.) 

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Written by Lauren Pringle

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