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Posted on 05/02/2015 Tips & Recommendations

Buying Leather in Buenos Aires

Back in the 1600’s when the first colonial settlers arrived to the uncharted lands of America, they brought cattle with them on their ships. When the settlers arrived to the port area now known as Buenos Aires, they were surprised to see how well the cattle flourished in the lush lands. From here, they began using the cattle for their meat, and also their skin for hide. Thus, the famous Argentine leather industry was born!

If you’ve arrived to the famed capital of leather and are looking into buying leather in Buenos Aires, here are some of the best areas in the city to go. These areas all offer both well-known and local boutique stores, so if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to do some browsing first.

The best areas for buying leather in Buenos Aires are in the neighborhoods of Villa Crespo, Downtown, and Montserrat. In between the streets of Murillo and Scalabrini Ortiz, Villa Crespo is known as the leather district in Buenos Aires. You’ll find many great stores along the slightly leather scented Murillo Street!

Downtown, around Florida and Corrientes streets, is a major tourist shopping spot that includes quite a few leather goods stores. Make sure you are ready to haggle and don’t accept the first price offered as prices can be higher for tourists in this area. Lastly, in the neighborhood of Montserrat, between San Jose and Belgrano avenues, there are unique bargain buys for quality leather pieces.

Here are some of the best shops for buying leather in Buenos Aires:

Murillo 666, Villa Crespo

Leather jacket calling your name? Murillo 666 is the go-to spot for leather jackets at fair prices in Buenos Aires.

Silvia Eisele, Palermo

This family run tiny leather boutique offers more than just a high quality product. It is just as much about the personal experience and unique pieces hand selected for you.

En la Escalera – San Telmo

The owner, Diego, runs this hidden gem and is proud of the high quality and super soft leather products that En la Escalera offers.

Lastly, here are some tips for buying leather in Argentina:

  • Pay in cash. Many times if you pay in cash, the store will give you a discounted price.

  • Don’t be afraid to bargain! Many smaller stores will accept a lower offer for a product, and you won’t know until you ask.

  • Do your leather homework and know what to look for in the stitching, the feel of the leather and the liner, and use this as a knowledge base for when making a purchase.

  • Cow leather is a tougher texture and should be less expensive, generally speaking. Sheep and goat leather are softer and more high end in specialty products.

To find out more insider tips about Buenos Aires, check out more of our blog! Or to start planning your trip to Argentina to purchase some leather for yourself contact Say Hueque!

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