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Posted on 08/16/2012 Inspirational Trips & News

Buenos Aires World Tango Festival

The World Tango Festival has arrived back to the cultural heart of Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The international tango festival is the number one tango event in Argentina and attracts the best of the best from around the world. This is what tango is all about!

Buenos Aires World Tango Festival

World tango festival in Buenos Aires 2012

The Tango Festival Buenos Aires embodies a passion that year after year attracts more followers, not only in Argentina but also around the world, and strengthens the commitment to the historical heritage, the growth and the projection of tango in all its ways of expression.

The growth, projection and importance of tango worldwide has reached such magnitude that in December 2009 it was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, by decision of the Intergovernmental Committee of UNESCO.

Buenos Aires World Tango Festival

The word tango festival attracts many visitors every year

In the same way, since February 2010, tango has an official and exclusive auditorium in the City: the «Teatro de la Ribera» in the neighborhood of La Boca. All programming in this auditorium are exclusively dedicated to music typical of Buenos Aires and includes milongas, shows, classes and exhibitions.

Tango Buenos Aires also comprises the Festival and World Cup: the most world-renowned tango event. Over 2,000 thousand artists and visitors from all around the world come to the City to enjoy the diversity and energy of the genre by means of a first-class program and to participate in the various activities that this event offers, which already has its set date in the month of August. Also, the world’s best dancers compete in the Dance World Cup.

Buenos Aires World Tango Festival

The competition is strond during the Dance World Cup

Likewise, but at a local level and within the milonga scene, the City Dance Championship is held every year, spreading far and wide throughout Buenos Aires. The event travels the city neighborhoods, and every night of the competition holds a different milonga.

The 2011 edition of the Festival received over 400 thousand people from all around the world. Visitors attended activities and events linked to the genre that enriches the cultural agenda of Buenos Aires and reflects the most unique and genuine of our artistic and cultural manifestations. During the festival, the hallmarks of our local culture are shown, which combines the tradition, modernity and diversity of the music that proudly identifies our City.

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