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Buenos Aires Tours: Graffiti & Street Art

Over the years, Buenos Aires has developed a reputation for its street art. In the city you will see graffiti painted walls left and right. Varying from small ornaments to art that covers the majority of a wall, everything can be seen in Buenos Aires. The approval of the government plays a big part in why graffiti is so popular in Buenos Aires. The tolerant policies from the Buenos Aires government especially allow for larger pieces, as they are particularly hard to realize in secret. If you’re traveling to the Argentine capital, why not take advantage of one of the numerous Buenos Aires tours of graffiti and street art? 

Buenos Aires Tours of Graffiti and pop culture

A stories high reaching Hydra, realized by Lean Frizzera & Spok

The streets of Buenos Aires will remind you that you are in Argentina; you’ll find blue and white (the colors of the flag) throughout the city, accompanied by national icons. This is not all you will see though; the many different artists and influences make for a broad variety in the art produced in the city. The different subjects and different styles make for an interesting collection of street art in Buenos Aires.

After some days you might get used to seeing graffiti all around you, if this happens to you, the Buenos Aires graffiti tour offers a great opportunity to reopen your eyes to the gems of Buenos Aires street art. The tour guide will point out all the beautiful artwork you otherwise might miss. The tour is a recommendation for anyone who would like to be surprised by the amazing art of Buenos Aires. These unique Buenos Aires tours do a great job at showing the city from a different perspective.

Buenos Aires Tours of Graffiti and Street Art

This impressive mural can be found in Palermo

See the amazing highlights of Argentine graffiti, as one of our favorite Buenos Aires tours takes you through 2 prominent barrios (neighborhoods); Colegiales and Palermo. The English speaking guide will give you all sorts of information about the artist, the artwork, and the history of the city. In the 3 hours you will spend walking the streets of Colegiales and Palermo your eyes will hardly have time to rest as one piece of art follows another. Allow yourself to be amazed by artwork covering entire walls, or enjoy the details of smaller works.

You can book this and other Buenos Aires tours at Say Hueque. For more interesting things to do in Buenos Aires, take a look at our post to what to do in the city.

Images by BA Street Art.

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