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Travel From Buenos Aires to Uruguay

As if visiting Buenos Aires isn’t enough fun, it’s also very easy to explore the world around it. There is so much to do in and around Buenos Aires that you wouldn’t have to be bored if you stayed for months. However, if you’re not content with just seeing one city, it is easy to travel to other parts of the country, or to Uruguay. Buenos Aires acts as the central point for all domestic and international travel in and to Argentina. Buenos Aires offers you the opportunity to travel in any direction, to experience the different aspects of the rich Latin culture and to see some of the amazing sights. Most people travel north, south or west to find spots like this, but located right across the river there’s another great South American gem. It’ll only cost you a forty-five minute boat ride over the Rio de la Plata to go from Buenos Aires to Uruguay.

Uruguay is a small county, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and Brazil, and is only home to 3.5 million citizens, most of which are of European descent. Uruguay counts 68,000 square miles, making it South America’s second smallest country. But do not be deterred by this fact, Uruguay offers just as much as it’s much larger neighbors. Many different beautiful beaches, nature reserves and traditional estancias are located in this country that attract thousands of tourists each and every year. During the summers, many Argentine and Brazilian citizens make their way across the river to spend their time on the gorgeous beaches, secretly hoping to spot one of the many celebrities that spend their time in Uruguay.

Right across the water from Buenos Aires, faces the gorgeous and historic city of Colonia del Sacramento. A very frequent ferry service can bring people from Argentina to its classic Barrio Historico to see its famous houses and museums. Every year, thousands of people go to see the 17th century lighthouse, the Portuguese built stone basilica from the early 1800’s, the Matriz Church dating back to the 1600’s and the Municipal and Portuguese Museums. All of these locations are a lovely blend of European influence and Latin influence, and are located near the very famous Plaza Mayor and the city gate and wooden drawbridge. You’ll absolutely adore the outdoor cafes and galleries along the streets. Just outside this small city, you can experience some of the country life of the Uruguayan people.

The traditional estancias are waiting to be discovered, where you can partake or watch people ride horses with great skill and sit down at the end of the day to enjoy a savory, slow roasted ‘asado’, or open fire barbeque. The quality of the cuisine will leave you wanting more. Quite different from this sweet country life and not too much further down the coastline, you can find the lively Uruguayan capital of Montevideo. This energetic city is known for its great shopping and very fun nightlife. City tours can be arranged through the Ministry of Tourism or other private companies, are about two to three hours long. This is a great way to spend the afternoon learning the rich history and culture of this unique country’s capital. Travelers can head to Ciudad Vieja, or Old City, to see some of the older buildings, museums and shopping markets. Its Plaza Independencia is a very gorgeous and famous area to begin any exploration of the city, as it is surrounding by many of the popular sites.

People visiting Uruguay and Montevideo don’t have to take the scenic boat route to get to the country, as its flourishing Carrasco International Airport serves Montevideo from very close by. Its stunning parks and Rambla ocean avenue will leave you wanting to come back again and again. Try to arrive for Carnival Week to be wowed by the spectacles and parades that fill the streets with music, food and culture. Though it has its beaches, a lot of people look to escape the city to find bigger and more popular beaches during vacation.

The perfect city getaway is the city of Punta del Este, just two hours away. Once you step your feet into the smooth white sand on these beaches, you are never going to want to get off. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over Europe and South America head here in the summers, and for good reason. The city has a lovely blend of old style colonial architecture mixed with its newer, more modern buildings and hotels. Everyone loves to eat, drink, and enjoy the cities galleries or casinos. One of its more iconic attractions is a must. See the Casapueblo atop of the Punta Ballena. It is known as a “living sculpture” and is a masterpiece built by the Uruguayan painter and sculptor Carlos Páez Vilaró. It is his home and also a hotel filled with very famous art. Come here for international music festivals or to just enjoy the perfect beaches. Uruguay calls so many tourists each and every year to experience all of these fantastic sites and activities.

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