Buenos Aires To Mendoza: Tango, Wine & Mountains

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/03/2008

Updated to April 2024

Here is a fun video of my Buenos Aires to Mendoza trip.

So much to do, so little time… but Mendoza is a city no one should miss out on when visiting Argentina

My friends and I started off in Buenos Aires and took an overnight bus along Ruta Nacional 7 to Mendoza.  Buses here are comfortable so the 13 hours of travel is not bad at all.  Once we arrived at our hostel (Hostel Internacional) we walked around town to check out the scenery, culture, bought a couple bottles of wine and finally arrived at one of the main parks, General San Martín.  This park is huge and has a man-made river flowing through it which gives many athletes a place to practice rowing. We walked over a bridge to get to an island in the middle of the river where we sat at a bench, opened our bottle of wine and enjoyed the scenery and rowers rowing by.

Mendoza - Wine

Mendoza in early November is hot and dry so it was prime time for outside activities and delicious Argentine ice cream.  On our second day, we went and experienced the must-do wine bike tour.  Mendoza has thousands of vineyards, a few beer gardens and olive oil factories.  With Mr. Hugo’s Bikes, we first rode to an olive oil factory where they had samples of olive oil, chocolate and liquors.  Then we went to a beer garden where they had honey beer and other delicious flavors.  Finally we arrived to a couple vineyards where we tried white, rosé, and red wines.  The day couldn’t have gone better.  At night we always made “asados” with the best meat found in the world.

The third day spent in Mendoza was a full day bus tour next to the Andes where we visited Puente del Inca and the national park next to Mt. Aconcagua, the tallest mountain on the Western Hemisphere.  We woke up early but it was well worth it.  On our way to the park we visited a beautiful lake and then Puente del Inca, which has a natural sulfur arch that forms a bridge over the Mendoza River.  After another bus ride we finally arrived to Mt. Aconcagua Provincial Park.  This park was beautiful, especially when seeing the reflection of the mountain in a small body of water acting as a mirror.

Finally, the last activity we did was paragliding along the Andes.  The 20 minutes I spent flying was incredible and the experience was more affordable than anywhere else in the world.  It was a great conclusion to the trip because we were able to see the entire city and more, leaving a memorable view.  Once we finished the morning activity, we returned on our bus back to Buenos Aires.

Overall, Mendoza has plenty more activities available so being bored is never possible in this beautiful city.  It is definitely a place one should never skip out on when visiting Argentina.  For more information about tours in Argentina and Mendoza, visit www.sayhueque.com the Argentina travel experts.

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