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Posted on 07/26/2010 Tips & Recommendations

Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls: Bus or Fly?

The breath-taking majesty of Iguazu Falls is difficult to comprehend. There are literally hundreds of waterfalls that join together and form misty rainbows across the tropical jungles of Argentina and Brazil. Feel the energetic pulse of mother nature as you explore Iguazu Falls National Park and enjoy the warm sunshine on your face as the mist from the falls cools your reddened cheeks.

An easy 2 hour flight from Buenos Aires to Iguazu will get you there and there are numerous flights every day. For those on a tight budget, there are overnight sleeper-buses that depart daily from Buenos Aires to Iguazu, and while the 16+ hour journey may seem daunting, the buses are surprisingly comfortable. In fact, there are even 180 degree flat-beds, dinner service with wine, and coffee/breakfast too. That said, the movie selection can often date back to the 90s, so if you decide to bus to Iguazu, consider charging your Ipod, pack a book and be ready to work on your travel blog or trip journal!

Stunning view from the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls

Stunning view from the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls

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