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Buenos Aires Taxi Cost & Tips

Planning a travel budget is one of the most important tasks before an international trip. For those planning a trip to Buenos Aires, it may be hard to accurately plan a fiscal budget, which depends on exchange rates and currency demand. It is important to appropriately budget for costs such as food, additional activities, and lodging. One of the most important budgets is that of travel, both long distance and local. In Buenos Aires, there are quite a few methods of transportation available for locals and tourists. Public transportation, like subways and buses, are great for daytime hours and provide cheap transport to destinations in the city. For quick and reliable transport during daytime hours and safety during nighttime hours, taxis are the best option in the city. (In rush hours you might want to opt for the subway (subte) as it isn’t slowed down by the busy streets)

Taxis are abundant in all parts of the city and are generally inexpensive in comparison with other big cities internationally. The most recommend way to catch a taxi is to call a Radio Taxi, the most secure Buenos Aires Taxi, which will come to your exact location and have accountability with drivers. The radio taxi company will charge a small surcharge for calling the taxi. Another option is to just hail a taxi on the street, either a more secure Radio taxi, or a non-radio taxi, which are driven by independent drivers. If you do choose a non-radio taxi, beware that these independent drivers are notorious for trying to screw unknowing tourists over. Their most popular methods are: Not starting the counter and at the end of your ride charging a ridiculously high amount, taking the long way around, or saying you don’t have the correct type of money when you try to pay, quickly changing your bills for false bills.

Buenos Aires taxi fares are exclusively in Argentine pesos. The fee begins at AR$14.30 upon departure and every 200 meters the fee increases by AR$1.43. Between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, there is a nightly increase of 20%. Travel outside of the city of Buenos Aires, even without returning in the same taxi, may receive a fee for the travel required to return to the city. Keep in mind all of these prices are based on current prices in December 2014, and often change according to government policies.

For additional help on budget planning, read up on the different exchange rates in Argentina. For help organizing the vacation of your dreams, contact Say Hueque!

 Written by Nora Wallenius

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