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Posted on 11/02/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Buenos Aires Nightlife: San Telmo Neighborhood

The Buenos Aires nightlife is famous worldwide. In an enormous city (which is three times bigger than Paris), the opportunities are almost infinite, and sometimes it can be a little bit overwhelming deciding where to go out. We’ve broken the Buenos Aires nightlife up between each neighborhood, so here’s your guide on the neighborhood of San Telmo. Stay tuned for more!

San Telmo has a more bohemian vibe than the rest of Buenos Aires. The touristy parts are cute and quaint, while the less touristy areas are more relaxed and have a hipster neighborhood feel. With smaller, vintage streets, graffiti and plenty of markets big and small scattered around, San Telmo’s feel creates a great nightlife hub. Chill in the cooler, more low-maintenance bars this neighborhood has to offer.

ANTARES — Bolivar 491 (Also in Palermo: Armenia 1447, and in Las Cañitas: Arévalo 2876)
Best beer ever. This famous chain of artisanal beer was created in the city Mar del Plata, and nowadays is famous all over the country. It’s specialized in artisanal beer but they also offer a great menu. The Antares in San Telmo has a super cool interior with plenty of space–head upstairs for a patio!
Happy Hour: 2×1 for beer from Tuesday to Friday, 6 to 8. Saturday and Sunday from 7 to 9. Sunday and Monday only at the bar and until 12.

PUERTA ROJA — Chacabuco 733, between Chile & Av. Independencia 

“The Red Door» is the name of this bar and it also marks the spot. The prices are excellent to stay all night; it’s a classic bar with pool table, great prices and atmosphere, chill people, and happy hour from 6 to 10: a dream. If you’re not feeling like blowing a ton of money, but still want an enjoyable night out: you won’t be disappointed here!
Make sure you don’t walk past it on accident: it’s on the second floor!

SERÁ DE DIOS — México 355, between Defensa and Balcarce
A cozy bar where you have 2×1 with excellent cocktails. An antique house with high ceilings, an enormous wall of bottles with fairy lights and street art graffiti makes an excellent space for chilling with a cocktail in hand.

For more info on Buenos Aires nightlife, check this out. Or, to experience Buenos Aires yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a Say Hueque agent today!

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