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Posted on 12/23/2015 Foodies' Guide

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Palermo Neighborhood

Palermo is known as the place to be for Buenos Aires nightlife. This neighborhood is where many foreigners reside and where you can find super trendy cafes and nightlife while at the same time, maintaining a tranquilo, residential vibe.
Picturesque streets with an adorable restaurant on each corner is the epitome of Palermo; here the prices may be higher, but as are all trendy neighborhoods around the word. Here’s some of our favorite places in Palermo to get your drink on while embracing the Buenos Aires nightlife.

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Palermo

FRANKSArévalo 1445
Frank’s gives the feel of walking into a New York bar at the beginning of the twentieth century. The key is to get the password. A posh ambiance and high quality cocktails create a highly coveted Friday night experience. Frank’s is recommended by Guia Oleo as one of the best in Buenos Aires. If you are interested in a different experience, do not hesitate to visit the bar.
Check their website, as they will be giving out clues during the week for the code to enter. Good luck!

BELUSHIHonduras 533
Belushi is a glamorous bar and club full of well-dressed, classy people. It is broken up into three different areas, each with a different style of music. You’ll find a lovely terrace and a menu that offers a great variety of high quality food. This is a place you’ll want to dress up for, as it’s a favorite of the local celebrities and models. Casual, right?

ISABEL – Uriarte 1664
Isabel is also recommended by Oleo Guide; the drinks were created by Tato Giovannoni, who was inspired by the “Golden age of Cocktails”. The Isabel music style incorporates the best of the last fifty years with global music with studio quality sound.

Temple Bar – Costa Rica 4677
This bar looks like you stepped into an echanted garden, dripping with candles and tea lights in a softly lit atmosphere. There is lots of outdoor seating as well as indoor seating, with vines creeping everywhere and making you feel enveloped in a forest. Not only is it physically appealing, but their menu is mouthwatering for a good price. This is a great spot to chill earlier on a Friday night before you head out to the club.

CHUPITOS Gorriti 5033
Different styles of “chupitos” (shots) all night long are the main idea of the bar. The shots are ultra-creative: flaming shots, shots where you lick salt off your partner’s neck and steal the lemon from their mouth after your tequila, shots with multiple steps, shots with whipped cream and M&Ms, the list goes on. There’s also oversized cocktails and rounds of beer in a place where UV paints illuminate the concrete walls. The price is excellent, but it gets even better if you can take advantage of nightly promotions.

Enter into a stunning house with zigzag stairs and the perfect terrace for summer. You will see that this place has an excellent feel with attractive decor, turning it into the place to see and be seen. This bar is as attractive as the people that frequent it.
The music is an unusual combination that rounds into blues, soul, funk and rock that makes people dance until the early morning.
Your drink of the night should be the Caipiroskas (the best in the city) and if you’re hungry, try Chef Fona’s five-course dinner. Do not forget to make a reservation before going.

REY DE COPASGorriti 5176
This is a place unlike any other in all of Buenos Aires. The owner happens to be the son of one of the best artists in Uruguay, Carlos Páez Vilaró, which is why the decor of this place is so unique. Don’t let the outside fool you: inside is one of the best restaurants and bars in our city. Recommended by the Olio guide, Rey de Copas is also the king of the bars.

An indie, reggae pub with a Chinese twist seems like something you’d never hear of, but here it is. Their impressive beer menu and low prices make it a great place for those wanting to relax with some beers and a couple friends.

For more info on Buenos Aires nightlife, check this out. Or, to experience Buenos Aires yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a Say Hueque agent today!

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